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Awakened by P.C. Cast
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Dec 03, 11

bookshelves: fantasy, ya-lit, urban-fantasy
Read from March 02 to 04, 2011

The House of Night series is a guilty pleasure. It is not exactly evolved literature which leaves you with a sense of wonderment. Then again, unlike The Twilight Saga (which makes me cringe and wince and want to hurl myself at the closest wooden stake), this series is strangely addictive and in certain places, even redeemable.

AWAKENED is the eighth book in the series. Zoey Redbird and her Warrior/Guardian/Conveniently super-hot boyfriend; Stark have returned from the Otherworld. Heart-almost-whole, the sappy duo have defeated the mighty Kalona yet again. They now plan to spend some quality time recuperating on the magical island of Skye, under the benevolent eye of the mystical, supremely powerful and infinitely cool Queen Sgiach. In the midst of all this relaxation, they finally do the “deed” and are as happy as a pair of proverbial lovebirds.

But the real world (or as real as a world populated by vampyres, monsters and immortal Gods can be) beckons.

Kalona’s failure to swipe out Zoey means that the poor immortal now owes an oath-sworn debt to Ms.Nefariously Noxious Neferet. She doesn’t much care for the fact that Zoey is sitting pretty on the impenetrable island of Skye. She wants her back....back in Tulsa, where she can annihiliate the young Priestess. And if killing an innocent will achieve this end, then so be it.

And then there’s good ol’Stevie Rae. The powerful Red One is stuck in a Catch-22 situation over her love for the Raven Mocker, Rephaim. She can’t tell anybody about falling for the enemy and she can’t keep it hidden much longer. Teen-angst at it’s volatile best.

Like most followers of the House of Night series, I am really hooked on the *Stevie Rae-Rephaim* connection. Zoey may be the main character, but apart from whining and whingeing and sucking face with Stark she makes for a dodgy main-lead. I frankly don’t have much patience for her. Stevie Rae on the other hand, is facing all the trials and tribulations that a protagonist gets bludgeoned with. In the absence of Zoey for a sizeable portion of the action; she has to deal with Neferet’s manic plots, the loss of a close friend, the need to be a responsible High Priestess AND the secrecy of her relationship with Rephaim. I liked AWAKENED for giving the vampyre-monster relationship it’s due.

Zoey was again on the back-burner and sadly, by default so was James Stark. Aphrodite, her royal Smart-Aleckness, fills up the dull moments with her crude quips and much-needed impatience. I also liked the fact that Kalona has shades of grey in his big bad ubervillain act. Neferet has promptly gone over the edge and has her look-at-me-darkness-crawls-like-tendrils-under-my-cloak act down pat.

A mixed surprise at the very end and the Cast duo has managed to make you anticipate what DESTINED has in store for you.

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