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Hex by Ramona  Wray
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Mar 02, 2011

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Hex is an entertaining read which will appeal to the young and girly you. Two gorgeous guys fighting over you...what's not to love? Things seem to be going great for Lily, but when Lucian warns her about Ryder, she doesn't know what to think. Visions of a past she can't remember lead Lily to believe that the three know each other from past lives, one where she was in love with Lucian and another with Ryder. Which one is right for her and which one will lead her to her death?

Lily's character is funny and sarcastic at the right times and does her fair share of swooning over the sexy Kingscott. She's never been able to come into contact with people without seeing their futures and experiencing immense pain, so she's elated when she's able to touch Ryder pain-free. I don't want this review to be negative so I'll be brief with my criticism. Lily and Ryder fall in love lightning fast. They literally talk once or twice and then they're in love, with Lily willing to give up her life for him. I feel like I missed the first ten chapters!

The mystery of this novel is all in Lily's past. You learn new pieces of information from different perspectives so Wray will keep you constantly guessing. I really enjoyed this part of the book as it was done well and was interesting. Do curses and repeating histories sound good to you? You're in for a treat! The romance greatly improves by the end of the novel, so much so that I wish it had been like that from the beginning. The second half as a whole is more enjoyable than the first and will ramp up your excitement for a wowing finish! With the characterisation finally up to scratch, I could only wish for more by the time the end came.

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message 1: by Cindy (new) - added it

Cindy I have this one in my TRP. looks cute! Curious as to what you think of it?

Lisa Well I'm only 3/4 through at the moment I said, there is insta-love. Was really hoping for some more development by this point. Plot's interesting though! Will hopefully finish it tonight.

message 3: by Cindy (new) - added it

Cindy Insta-love works! Sometimes light and fluffy chick lit is good, depending on ones mood.:D

Lisa Sometimes it does, yes! Not sure with this one LOL.

message 5: by Cindy (new) - added it

Cindy Oh boy, what does that mean lol:)

Lisa Finished it two hours ago. Definitely got better! :) Romance felt more real too. Feelings actually came in haha.

message 7: by Cindy (new) - added it

Cindy I am so glad to hear that it turned out good, I will have to read it soon. It is somewhere lost in my TRP:D

Lisa Hehe! Let me know what you think ;)

message 9: by Cindy (new) - added it

Cindy Will do:)

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