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The Sleeper Awakes by H.G. Wells
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Mar 22, 11

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H.G. Well's look at the future is interesting, as we are the future he tries to image.
Graham wakes from a deep sleep 200 years in the future, in the 2090's; not far from where we are today. He finds himself the King of the World, due to a combination of his money, inheritances from rich relatives & friends and 200-years worth of compound interest. In a sense, he's become almost a Messiah-like figure to the people of the future, with them filing by his sleeping body. Those who rule his Fortune are not too happy to hear that he's awoken.
The story is both vague and detailed as Wells tries to imagine what the World will become. The vague sections are a bit slow as Wells tries to bring action to a place he cannot truly foresee.
In some instances he's gotten pretty close. There are moving sidewalks (of various speeds) to get people around, windmills for energy, smoking has almost been eliminated, the Eiffel Tower still stands and he imagined a form of aerial combat (his planes still have propellers, though).
I was surprised at the amount of racism in the book. Also, although he forsees Working Women, he sees them as flat-chested and without femininity. Education, for the most part, is taught by rote using hypnosis, which is the main form of teaching used in the Society.
An interesting look at the future which, for us, is almost here.


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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex Have you seen Idiocracy? Just like this, for the first sentence, and it's totally awesome. (No seriously, for once I'm not being sarcastic; I loved this movie. Although I do recommend being high, both in general and as you watch it.)

Terrific choices for this task, btw; that might be the cleverest selection I've seen yet for it, and that includes my own, which I plan to be terribly proud of.

You didn't include your grand total when you posted about it though.

Petra No...but I'll be looking for it now. It sounds hilarious! I'll keep the recommendation in mind, too.

Thanks! That's high praise coming from you. Your choices are pretty amazing and your bonus points are head-shakingly amazing.

I'm up to 215 now, I think. If you'd only stop reading, I may be able to blow your total right out of the water by end of April; but only if you stop reading NOW.

message 3: by Alex (last edited Mar 22, 2011 07:12PM) (new)

Alex Ah, stop swelling my head. I have two major advantages in the challenge: 1) I'm required by my own plan to read old books, and 2) I'm unemployed. I think the real badass in the challenge is Heather, who seems determined to make each task as difficult as possible. What she's done has been stupendous. She's an incredible reader.

Petra Agreed. She's amazing. I can't wrap my head around that many pages of terrific books in so short a time. I'm incredibly jealous, to tell the truth.

message 5: by Alex (new)

Alex Well, that makes two of us.

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