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Secrets of the Demon by Diana Rowland
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Mar 01, 11

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Read in March, 2011

I have always been fond of the Kara Gillian series; mainly because I like its take on demon summoning, and how demons are not evil, but are still beings you need to be very, very careful around. They're honorable, in fact honor means just about everything to them, but this doesn't mean that they're good either--they're just different. Plus with supernatural powers.

The writing is--hm. It flows well and it the author paces the book well--it's a comfortable read that balances nicely between action and resting. It's just not outstanding, but it is a joy to read (is that even understandable? Eh heh). Admittedly, the main plot in the book holds less interest to me than Kara and the relationships she has to the people around her, as well as her connection to the demon world and everything that entails. That's probably the main reason why it felt a little slow to me--interesting, but not enough that it has me racing through the pages.

I can't help but really like Rhyzkahl. It's more of a personal preference thing than anything else--and, all right, so Kara probably shouldn't be in a... (sorta) relationship with someone who scares the pants off her a good portion of the time, but it's a book and I like it so... heh. To her credit, she's scared but she still stands up to him, which helps. You do get an underlying sense that Rhyzkahl has some sort of motivation for the relationship he has with Kara (and she knows this as well), but I still can't help but like him very much, which contrasts with my neutral feelings about Ryan. Granted, I don't really see how a relationship between Kara and a demon lord would work (two different dimensions and so on), but a part of me can't help but hope anyway.

Go figure.

In any case, the main storyline of the book deals with a band and a series of murders that surround (and affect) it, caused by what Kara calls a golem, though apparently it isn't one, exactly, but that is a close enough word for it. As I said before, the plot seemed rather lackluster to me this time around (average all over, really) though it did pick up towards the end. I really am interested in the back story involving both Zack and Ryan and I hope that Kara finds out more about that in the next book; we find out one crucial piece of information (on the last page, of course), but it doesn't really tell us much of anything in the end.

It is a good book, but rather average overall. I preferred the previous books in comparison. This one just felt too... filler-y for me. We don't get a lot of answers, though we get a ton of new questions. One crumb of (admittedly important) information at the end doesn't make up for the rest of the book.
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