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Bitter Passion, Sweet Love by Patricia Ott
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I finally finished this epic “romance” book. I would really want to know who wrote this book, It is a complete misconception of the female. From the very first it becomes obvious that a woman did not write this. It was written by a man, who thought that as long as there are sex scenes in it, women will love it and it will bring him money and from his characterization it looks like he doesn’t think very highly of women. I can compare the heroine with the very realistic German android sex doll “Andy” who has a heavy breathing option a G-Spot and has as much sense and brain as our heroine. The heroine is an empty shell who gets thrown about into the arms of all sorts of men, and has sex with them all, anyway they want it. Almost all the sex is forced and she enjoys it all. She is getting orgasms left and right, I laughed. It was tragic but it was way too funny to feel any sympathy. I wasn’t thinking about the story while I was reading, I was thinking about what was going on in the mind of the writer. Is he a guy with no experience whatsoever or may be he has an “Andy” in the closet. There is one scene where the guy is having sex with a virgin. I almost fell off my chair after the fact he couldn’t penetrate 3 times in a row, the woman must have reinforced steel inside or some such. Basic human anatomy should be a required subject research for writing a sex scene.
The hero was not much better then the heroine, he treated her so bad I have no clue as to why she wanted him at the end. I was actually hoping she will end up with guy #2 because he was the only male character who didn’t force her and I can believe his love for her and vise versa. Although our heroine loved them all. The guys were sleeping with other girls in the harem and she was fine with it. I wanted to ask the author “do you even know any women?” In the romance world men are portrayed as possessive but in reality women are more so and I would think that is regardless their religion.
Overall this book deserves to be looked at if you manage to get your hands on a copy. It is almost impossible and huge thanks to Karla for letting me borrow it. There is some fun factor if you look on the ridiculous side of things, and would like to find out about the history of romance books.
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08/01/2011 "the heroine is brunette, that cover is confusing"
08/01/2011 "the Heroine is a jerk if I can phrase a woman as such" 1 comment
30.0% "I consider this book as part comedy, the characters are so retarded they are funny. Good thig is I am entertained!" 3 comments

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Karla I see you survived. Barely? :D

Karla Well how about that! I'd never heard of the realistic German android sex doll "Andy." So thanks for the factoid, ya perv! :D

And how sad is this that I have no recollection of "guy #2"? She got passed around so much that it allllll became a blur.

It was my pleasure to send this sick puppy of a book around. By the time it gets back to me, I'm sure it'll be as well-used as the heroine. LOL

Slavena yeah I did survive, though this book can hardly be read in one sitting, I managed to finally finish. About the doll, I googled it, I remember reading an article a year ago about it and forgot the name, they actually had it pictured in a newspaper and have sold a lot of them for the rough amount of $4000 each

Slavena I do have The Savage Sands book and I will definately read it to compare man to man "romance" writing.

Karla Slavena wrote: " they actually had it pictured in a newspaper and have sold a lot of them for the rough amount of $4000 each"

Oh, that is such a sad comment on the state of humanity.... LOL

I don't know if it's physically possible to read it in one sitting. Would be akin to mental torture. I think it took me about a week, and even then I was numb by the end - although still entertained. :P

Karla Slavena wrote: "I do have The Savage Sands book and I will definately read it to compare man to man "romance" writing."

Yes, that's one I definitely would like to read, and it's one I've been meaning to read for the past few months.

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