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Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin
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Mar 01, 2011

really liked it

This book is a great book for animals lovers!Animals in Translation it is a non fiction book about animals and how they act and what people do to them Temple Grandin goes around to different places where they raise animals and study’s them and makes then not as stressed and she in a way knows how animals feel.

I though that she did a very good job explaining things and all the things she knows about animals are very interesting. I liked this book because she knows a lot about animals and so do I. I could relate to a lot of things she said. I thought her story about her growing up and why she loves animals was very interesting and in the book she had a lot of good useful things to say.

I got bored with the book at some points where she put uninteresting things in the book and sh could have kept the reader excited a little more. She had mostly information and I think she could have added some other things too.

I think this book would be good for any animal lovers and maybe if you like animals but you don’t know much about them you could learn a lot from this book. This book is for older readers I think it is for 13 years old and up. I learned a lot more about animals that I didn’t know from this book and it was very interesting.

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