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Assassin's Quest by Robin Hobb
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Mar 01, 2011

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This book starts off pretty good, and picks up as it goes along, just as the previous 2 books did. This time Robin Hobb didn't use the annoying "Fitz pondering the past" method of reminding the reader of previous events, she integrated the reminders more subtly.

This book becomes fascinating near the end, I couldn't stop reading. I was set for an amazingly epic ending to a trilogy I had come to love. Ultimately, I was disappointed. The ending so surprised me with the completely crappyness of it, that it angered me. I was so disappointed. Robin Hobb employed a "Deus Ex Machina" ending, which left me aghast that a writer who had built herself up as one of my favourite author's would resort to a shitty romance novel plot device. She also heightened the depressivenes of FitzChivalry's life, past levels I would have thought impossible. At the end of the book, his life is so bad, it will leech your own enjoyment of life until you get your head completely out of the book.

There are scores of questions left unanswered, which I won't write specifically which ones, as knowing that their explanations aren't present may sway you from reading this book (you should still read it).

The thing that saved this author from my wrath is the fact that she continued Fitz's story in the "Tawney Man Trilogy". I'm about 3 quarts through the book, and I'm much happier with the direction things are going in. Questions left unanswered by the "Farseer Trilogy" appear to be on the verge of being answered, as they are still important topics in this trilogy.

Basically, expect to be disappointed by the books ending, but take heart in the fact that Fitz's story does continue. Before judging the Farseer Trilogy, read "The Tawney Man" trilogy, as the two series should never have been split into two separate parts.

(Possible Spoiler ahead, if you haven't read the book yet, I suggest you stop reading my review here)
The revelation pertaining to Burrich near the end was unexpected, which is something I appreciate in a novel (it keeps me on my toes), but I was a little revolted. It just felt so wrong, not just his age, but the level of trust he broke, and the fact that Fitz's death didn't influence his choice at all. Some will argue otherwise, but Burrich's actions made Fitz's life even more depressing than I could ever have thought possible.
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