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Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy
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Mar 01, 11

Dead or Alive continues the saga of the Ryan family vs. the enemies of truth justice and liberty. Like all Clancy's fiction, it reads well enough, but I wish it had been better. I remember reading through The Hunt for Red October in a fine frenzy, almost spraining my thumb turning pages to get more of the story. I literally COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. Unfortunately, I found that Dead Or Alive left me able to put it down and watch TV. (I despise most TV shows as being stupid and predictable.) Clancy used to be in my top ten gotta read authors. I raced to lay down my cash for his latest books. Sadly, this is no longer true. Sure, I still read his books, hoping to be delightfully surprised, but he has become a little too predictable. His characters will always out-gun, out-think and out-hero the opposition. They will always be deeply patriotic and deeply conservative. Political liberals will always be spineless, self-serving and devious. The Good Guys will always Save the Day.
Don't get me wrong, I love to see the hero save the day. Some of my best relatives are cops. I love my country and I thank my ancestors for buying the ticket to get here. But simplistic formula fiction is not as interesting as innovative plotting. (Stealing a Soviet sub, now THAT is an awesome plot element!) I know Clancy is capable of better than this.

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