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Siege by Rhiannon Frater
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Mar 01, 2011

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Read in February, 2011

This is the third installment in Frater's zombie apocalypse series. The story mainly takes place in the fortress that was built by Texas survivors over the past two novels.

Internal issues within the fort leads to one of the main characters being badly injured. A trek to find the appropriate medical supplies leads to an encounter with other survivors, who have their own designs for the fort and the people within it.

During this time, issues are made worse by the fact that a huge horde of thousands of undead are staggering toward the fort.

On a good note, I enjoyed some of the strategies put forth in this novel. Frater demonstrated some great creativity in this. She also built a few solid characters that we began to hope for during the course of this trilogy.

Personally, I expected more. Ghosts begin to appear to people in this book, unlike the previous two. I might have accepted this initially with the introduction of one new character who had spiritual ties and was haunted by apparitions. Sure, I could go with that even with his silly name given to him by his mother "because she knew there was something special about him." It just got a bit silly to me that everyone then became able to see ghosts, even the zombies.

I also thought the antagonist was a little ridiculous. Perhaps as a long-time military veteran, I find it difficult to understand why so many film makers and authors feel that soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen would simply follow orders without question from any politician or officer regardless of the insanity in such orders. I don't know. In this story, soldiers were enforcing some ludicrous rules under the guidance of a politician.

Another thing while I am on the subject of the military is titles. The grade of a lieutenant is seldom used when addressing said lieutenant. In nine years, I never heard a lieutenant addressed as First Lieutenant or Second Lieutenant when spoken to outside of a ceremony of some type. I know it might seem a small thing, but I firmly believe that more people need to pay attention to such details or even ask around a bit.

Another thing that got to me was the biker with a bagful of hand grenades. Has anyone ever thrown a hand grenade here? I have thrown a few. I am not sure how comfortable I would be riding a motorcycle while retrieving a grenade from a bag, pulling the pin from the grenade, dropping the spoon, and accurately tossing the grenade so that it not only hits the intended target area but does not affect me. Five meters. That's what we were always told the blast radius was. Anyway, I thought this hero was a bit out there.

I also felt that there were way too many characters who were difficult to follow. I had to skip back in the book a couple times to place some of the names with who they were. In other circumstances, I think we were simply expected to know who all of the characters from previous novels were. I get that this was written as one complete epic. However, when split into three novels it would have been appropriate to fill readers in on the previous parts mentioned in case they were reading this without reading one or both of the previous novels. People do that sometimes.

My last area of complaint is that some incidents were just pounded into the reader. At one point, a character is killed. OK. That happens. Two pages later, the author gives us the exact details again but from the perspective of another character. Same details. Just a couple more emotions.

As I said, I expected more after the first two novels.
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