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Hell Hath No Fury by David Weber
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Feb 10, 2008

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Read in February, 2008

The Hells Gate series explores what would happen if two radically different societies clashed in a universe where trans-dimensional gates exist. Imagine a 3 mile wide window into another Earth which is completely devoid of humans and somewhere on that alter-Earth is another gate leading to another alter-Earth. Repeat 6 or 7 times.

Arcana is a civilization where magic is the the primary form of technology. Dragons exist and are used for warfare and transportation. Many people have PC's (personal crystals that act just like a computer). Soldiers carry swords and crossbows but heavy weapons consist of infantry-dragons (a spell powered fire ball launcher)

On the other side of the playing field is Sharona, a civilization with WWI type weapons and steam power augmented with the occasional "talent" (telepathy, telekinesis, precog, etc)

Arcana and Sharona meet way out in the boonies and there's a misunderstanding. Conflict ensues which leads to war. Like most series of this size and depth, it's a soap opera. There are many names of people and places to remember and so far the heroes and villains are pretty clearly defined. If the idea of "What if Magic and Technology went to war" is interesting to you I'd strongly suggest this book. If it doesn't, try War and Peace instead.

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