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Afterlife by Claudia Gray
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Feb 28, 2011

it was ok
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Read from March 18 to 19, 2011

Did this series just ended or am I going crazy?! o_O
I am so not sure how I feel about this just yet...
I guess like:

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Ok... I am going crazy... This was like the last book of this series! I am so disappointed! Like how can Claudia Gray do this?! I was expecting alot more than just a book (which is the last book in this series) to be full of crap. Like, its Evernight... EVERNIGHT! The book I loved more than anything in my life. A book which I was freaking proud to own. This book doesn't even look like a part of Evernight! Was the author sleeping?! or feeling bored of this series?! =[ Two words which are full of awesomeness applies in this review: Epic Fail. o_o

Seriously... I am not kidding!
I really liked the first three Evernight books, so was very much looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, this book didn't quite work for me.


The Characters:
Bianca is so changed. Where is that sweet rocking girl who went to the prom? Who liked fun and being awesome? I loved Bianca when she was sort of the vampire. But a ghost? Na-ah gurl! I am NOT getting pass that! I am so not keen on the whole ghost thingy. I literally hated it. And Lucas was just now an ordinary guy, like, this whole plot wasn't working. Whether he was a vampire or a human, I wasn't interested in him at all because half of this book was about Lucas controlling his hunger which was so damn boring! Their relationship was a total flop and I wasn't feeling it the way I did when I read the previous books.

Bianca- I can't cry, I can't touch, I can't be visible to anyone, I can't do anything...
Me- You can just die... -_-
Lucas- OMGGGG! Noooo....!!! How can I live? How can I survive? How can I-
Me- Dude will you shut up! First control your freaking self. You are staring at my neck... -_-
Lucas- Opps.....

See what I am talking about?!

I love Balthazar! I just read this book because of him beside from knowing what will happen at the end of the series and all. He was perfect. He was hot and he was everything I want and I am so damn happy that he is going to be in the next installment without Bianca being involved in it And gosh I loved that scene when he took all of his clothes off and then Lucas says that Bianca's here then hes like "SHIT!" that bathroom going with me thing was real! =]. I love Patrice, shes so awesome! I love Vic. The reason I gave this book one more star is because of him, he was so funny and awesome and all! =D Hell I love Raquel! ^_^ I love everyone! Well maybe except for Mrs Bethany! Like she was so evil, especially when she simply killed Samuel and he ran into the forest. I was like "Woahhh! Now thats called evil!" Maxie and Vic, totally Awwwwwnnn! I wanted to know more about them, about their past and future too!

The Plot!
The previous books amazed me and I enjoyed them so much that I actually feel angry that this is how Gray decided to end the series. First off, it was so slow going and almost painful to read. I was totally taking breaks. It starts right where the last story ended. Lucas is a vampire and the majority of the book is centered around his struggling being a monster that he has spent his life killing. Which as I said before, is boring and frustrating. They are all forced back to Evernight and Mrs. Bethany to receive help for Lucas. Once there, we discover that Mrs. Bethany is gather wraiths so that she can become mortal again. For Bianca, she is a super wraith that has the ability to bring spirits over to the land of the lost where Maxie and Christopher are. Now like why the hell only she?! Christopher happens to be Mrs. Bethany's dead husband. Both were Black Cross hunters when supposed friends killed Christopher for his money. He became a wraith which Mrs. Bethany did not know. As revenge, Mrs. Bethany becomes a vampire and kills his murderers. She has spent much time trying to become mortal again so that she can die. Christopher ends up sacrificing himself to die with his wife in the end. This story didn't make any sense. I was expecting Bianca also to turn into a vampire in the end. I am just so sad. =[
Now Vic is like staying with Maxie for eternity? What about Ranulf? Balthazar decides not to try to become mortal. He's going to look after the Evernight horses and then what? Bianca's parents, off to London. Lucas and Bianca went through all that so that he can die and she can spend eternity alone? She asks him how he feels about giving up immortality and he responds as long as you remember me, then I'll be a small part of you forever?! This is not the undying love, hell, its not even love! I actually kind of hoped he dies so that she can spend eternity with Balthazar. At least he's willing to spend it with her.

All I could say is that I am so sad this series ended. I am so gonna miss Lucas and Bianca and I would give this book 2.5/5 stars. =[ I will miss all the characters. I am really hoping towards reading Balthazar... :)

This is not the end..... this is just the beginning.....
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61.0% "Its so sad and amazing at the same time! ='] Especially Bianca's and Lucas relationship. Its totally going awesome, but I still can't believe that this is going to be the last book of this series =["
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Mockingjay i totally agree!

Mockingjay i totally agree!

Maggie I agree... I love Balthazar too!! :-D And Vic, Ranulf and Patrice :))

Saniya =D <3

ClockwrkPrincess I love the bit where you go back n forth w the characters-that was me when I read it too:P

Allison Cawthon I don't understand the end...she just left so much unexplained!!!! Could she please write a short story explains what happened?!?!

Saniya I know, I really wish she does! :/

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