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Rebel Lady by Dawn Lindsey
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Feb 06, 15

Rugged countryside, strong-willed heroine, firm but understanding hero. What more could you possibly ask for in a Scottish Regency?

In many ways, REBEL LADY is like a companion piece to AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN, Dawn Lindsey's other classic Scottish Regency. Both books feature a couple who symbolize the age-old clash between England and Scotland. In INDEPENDENT, it's sensible spinster Gillian who represents England, while carefree, charming Rory is the brave Scot.

REBEL LADY features the opposite contrast. Skye Crawford is a black-haired beauty raised to be fiercely proud of her Scots heritage. Impulsive, outspoken, and absolutely untamed, she initially offers fierce resistance to Sir Sebastien Hilliard's efforts to protect her -- even though he's absolutely honorable at heart and is legally named her guardian in her late father's will.

A lot of the sexual tension in this book comes from the age difference. Skye is barely out of her teens, while Sebastien is evidently in his mid to late thirties. Another author might have trouble making this seem like an even match, but these two shoot sparks from the moment they set eyes on her. Sebastien is so sober, sane and responsible, while Skye is so impulsive, passionate and reckless -- they really were made for each other.

Emotionally this story is much more dramatic and turbulent than AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN. Skye's brother is in real danger. British troops are patrolling the area. There are chase scenes, including some very close calls in the twisting alleyways of Edinburgh, and plenty of tears and arguments before Skye finally realizes how deeply she loves Sebastien. But both the gripping action sequences and the highly charged melodrama intensify the meaning of the romantic conclusion!

I would recommend REBEL LADY to anyone who enjoys Scotland, Regencies, impulsive heroines, older heroes, and outdoor adventure.
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