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Androphilia by Jack Malabranche
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Feb 10, 08

It reminded me of Sexual Persona by Camille Paglia in that it's scholarship is a bit silly and that it vacillates between being eye rollingly retarded, and completely agreeable. One minute you are like 'yeah that's right on' only to reach the next paragraph and wonder how you ever thought such a thing. Granted, it's a manifesto so a certain degree of the uncompromising is to be expected, most of my gay male friends who read this or heard him read, agreed with the central themes of the book but were unable understand how we were expected to adhere to such a narrow definition of masculinity. Malebranche throws the baby (or drag queen as it were) out with the bath water. I find it interesting that he focuses so heavily on labels and presentation when that is a such a trade mark for the gay community he is railing against.

The book seems to have pissed a lot of the gays off. It's been amusing here in Portland to watch the virtual shit storm that this book has caused.

Oh and he's a Satanist! I think that is a charming quality to have if one is an author. It's worth a read, if you read it like you might read Graves or Budge. Despite the spotty scholarship and all the other rough edges the book is provoking and while I don't agree with the author, the questions he brings up are worth discussing with the men in your life.
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