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How to Ruin My Teenage Life by Simone Elkeles
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Feb 27, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** How to Ruin My Teenage Life - Simone Elkeles

This book is about romance and missing people. She starts a relationship/fling with this guy named Nathan. Which I think is stupid because Amy misses Avi. She misses him but she starts another relationship with someone else? I think she was using him to try to forget about Avi. But I guess it's understandable since they told each other basically no strings attached, they can be 'non-boyfriend', and 'non-girlfriend'. Meaning they're seeing each other, but they can see other people at the same time if they want to. And when Avi comes to visit Amy, he asks if she kissed Nathan, she says no she didn't (she did) and they go on a date with her friends. On the date, someone leaks out that they did kiss and Avi gets mad and walks out. Which is also pretty stupid because he's the one who told her no strings attached. It wasn't Amy that said that, it was Avi. Avi agreed to having it that way. He doesn't have a right to barge into her life and not expect her to be seeing someone else when they agreed they could see other people. Amy should have told the truth to Avi though when he asked if she did kiss him. Avi tells her he's mad and Amy says he's the one who suggested seeing other people if they wanted to. Avi says what's in his head is different from what's in his heart. In his head, he's saying you can see other people, but in his heart he doesn't want her to see other people. So, he goes to stay with his friend and Amy makes a plan to get him back. She kidnaps him and tells him of her true feelings and they get back together. And Amy's dad calls when they're in the car talking to each other about it, and Avi tells her dad that he loves her and Amy's dad continues to threat Avi not to take it to the next level with Amy, or he will rearrange his body parts. Amy laughs and says shouldn't a guy admit his love to the girl first before her father? Avi tells her to listen to her voicemail, and there are a few sappy and romantic messages Avi left for her. They get back together and decide at the end, to not see other people.

I think that this book is pretty good, except it was mainly about Amy and Avi. Nathan was also in the love triangle, so shouldn't there be more information about him? Amy dates him like 3/4 of the book, and there isn't much real information about him. Like in the previous book, it is known that Avi lost his brother and his personality is pretty out there. But there isn't much about Nathan except he's cocky and thinks he could get girls. Avi changed from how he was in the first book. In the first book, he liked Amy but it didn't seem like he cared enough to actually start a relationship with Amy. But in this book, he's actually jealous and he became emotional and admitted to missing her and loving her. I think Amy is a very good support to him, because he has a lot of issues about caring about things. And with Amy there, he gets his help he needs. I liked this book, I would recommend it to other people.

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