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Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
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Feb 26, 2011

did not like it

I continue to struggle with why so many people love this book with a fervor. Okay, it is nice that the son rocks the mother at the end. And yes, I'm sure that I will always have the feelings that my son is still my little boy who I will want to rock forever. And sure, I understand that the story is supposed to be metaphorical.

However, does the mother not understand boundaries? Clearly her son does not want to be rocked as an adolescent and young man and she has to crawl across the floor like a stalker in the night and sneak into his bed while he is asleep to rock him. Her son finally escapes this woman and her unhealthy clingy ways,and moves into his own house. He obviously did not give his mother a key to his house or she would not have had to drive across town in the dark of night with a ladder strapped to the top of her car. (She is one strong, dexterous and determined old lady!) She risks a broken hip to climb in through his window to rock him?! I also suspect that she's slipping him some sort of sleeping medication at night; how else could he sleep through her attempts to hoist his large body into her frail arms?

Also, what is wrong with this relationship that the mother can only acknowledge her love for her son when he is asleep? When he is awake she refers to him as "it" and references his bad and "strange" behavior and repeatedly says, "This kid is driving me crazy!" It's only when he is comatose (see earlier drugging reference) that she can show her love and affection. So in his waking life, her son only experiences his mother's disdain, not the love that she feels when night falls. Family therapy?

Come on people, wake up! This book is an example of a horribly disturbed and dysfunctional parent/child relationship!

Don't even get me started on gender stereotypes and how that Giving Tree just gives and gives and never gets anything in return until the boy is a crumpled old man who can't even move! And she should be grateful?
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