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Claimed By Shadow by Karen Chance
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Mar 01, 2011

it was amazing
Read from February 27 to March 01, 2011

Cassanova-a dude who cassie wants help from to find tony
Alphonse-Tony's current second in command and personal bodyguard
Deino,Pemphredo,Enyo-sisters, demogoddness (cassie thinks their that)
Chavez-a dude(driver) that cassanova set for cassie to escape
Randolph- a random dude that chavez brought along-Randy(people call him that)
Archie McAdam(nickname:mac)- tattoo dude
Pritkin-uses the name John as a honest english name for him
Myra-girl that pritkin and cassie are looking for, also girl that killed anges
Sheba-a cat tattoo that mac(tatoo dude) puts on cassie for protection when she goes to fey land.
Marlowe-a dude that showed up in fey, guy that makes mac piss
Franose-dude or girl that comes to save cassie at fey in return to cassie saving her along time ago

cassie tries to get help from cassanova because she knows that tony left him in charge of vegas, but cassanova said he wont risk it, and so then cassanove touched cassie and felt a spell, and he then told her that someone putted a spell on her that protects her and makes her feelings for that person more emotional..and he says that the spell has been on cassie since half her childhood...and cassie starts to have a feeling that mircea is involved. and so later on she learns some more things about the spell and then Pritkin starts to come in. and so cassanova and cassie run for a exit built n a wall, and then they were watching the fight from a painting(kind of like secruity camras), and 2 sisters were beating up other mages while 1 of them flirt with a dude. and then Pritkin runs in to the secret hideout- and demands cassie to stop the sisters from killing his other mages(partners).then billy came in and possess a golem, causing cassie to bump into pritkin and goes back in time(bringing pritkin along with her).and now they r n London, in late 1888 or early 1889..and cassies magic wont take them back to the future, so cassie has to go look around to solve the problem.and so later on they escaped and land back in the future, in the casino, and they r then chased by mages and escape. and then later on cassie finds out from miranda(a creature the healed pritkin) that antonio(tony) is in faerie. and so later on war mages came in and the 3 sisters came into action to protect cassie and ran for them and started to beat them up, and cassanova called a car to be ready for cassie to escape, and she and pritkin ran through a secret door way to the car and greeted by chavez(his name means dream maker)-at least he says then later on cassie changes and goes meet pritkin with food. and thats where she meant Archie McAdam-nickname:mac.and so then cassie descrbed her runes and all the other weapons she has to pritkin and mac and then she somehow got attracted to matt because of the spell later on, and so then later on she had a tatto on her back that mac made to protect her and did the same to pritkin, and then later on billy, mac, and pritkin went off to the MAGIC to go through the portal to go to faerie world. and thats when cassie finds out tomas was about to be killed nfront of everyone and so then later on cassie saves him, and meets mircea as one of the "guest" to watch tomas die, and so then mircea dissapeared later on while cassie was saving tomas, and escaped with the gang, and later arive in faerie with billy in his own human body, and so later on sets out until later on they meet a few enemys and also meet the pixie that cassie saved before, and later the result of things was cassie being dragged away, and mac screaming to death in the forest..later cassie wakes up to take a shower and sees mac's tattoos beside her..and so later on billy explains where their at and then tomas comes in to cassies cell-carried by someone else- and later on tomas and cassie end up doing *** so that cassie can complete and stop the least thats what tomas thinks..but after they did it, it didnt work, and so later on agnes was in fonoise's body and so later on brings them out to the king and cassie ends up making a deal with the king- if cassie gets the book that the king wants, tomas gets to e protected in fey world as long as he wants and needs, and location of antonio and to claim him, and last but not least to recieve back the golem. and billy ends up getting pushed through the portal back to earth along withj the pixie-chasing after agnes(agnes planned to escape fey world but king sent pixie after her at last minute) and then cassie went through the portal that leads to her mission toget the book, only to have company at the last minute by pritkin going through too. cassie found out shes pythia and picked Herophile as her name.and so cassie lands in a place after she went through the portal, and her and marlowe planned things out to do what to get the book, and then billy shows up alng with pritkin later on and then angusta showed up later on also along with myra, who ran away, and with cassie in angusta later on and billy in hers(ithnk), and then pritkin finally gave up and offered to help get the book, and cassie made a deal at the end that if pritkin help her get the book, he can edit the book and then cassie will give it to the later on cassie meant a spirit and they saw mircea battling his brother dracula, and cassie used agusta's body to get myra before she killed mircea, and later on agusta ends up killing/trapping dracula n a box, and myra also gets in a box too...and mircea took his brothers box and left, while cassie got her box with myra tooken away and opened to set her free by pritkin, and agnes jumping inside and taking myras spirit with her to death. and pritkin ends up promising to protect cassie from eveerything with his very own life...all they need to do now is find the coxex boook(not sure if spelled right) and return it to the king.
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