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Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead
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Mar 05, 2011

really liked it
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Read in February, 2011

With her lover Dorian the Oak King at her side, half Fae Thorn Queen Eugenie has been trying to gather more allies in their war with the Rowan Queen. Eugenie can't help feeling guilt at the loss of life on both sides, even as she can not regret the act of vengeance executed on her behalf that started the war. But when a seer tells of a Fae artifact which could give Eugenie the power to end the war, Eugenie will undertake a quest to find the Iron Crown and for once her human heritage will be an asset as she undergoes the trials necessary to obtain it. And because she will have to travel through lands deadly to the full Fae it is not Dorian who will aide her on her journey, but her ex-lover Kitsune fox shifter Kiyo despite the rift between them.

Trying to avoid spoilers, I thought that Iron Crowned was an interesting entry to the series and I ended up thinking that the story was okay. The Quest was pretty anticlimactic and afterwards there were parts of the story where I found Eugenie's decisions really frustrating, and the fallout from her decisions left me feeling a bit depressed - my inner romance reader has a hard time remembering that this is an urban fantasy series. When all is said and done with Iron Crowned, the main theme really ends up being 'Betrayals'. Eugenie is both the betrayed and the betrayer. She really needs to remember that everyone has their own agenda - this is especially true for the Fae and she certainly has her own as well.

I'd really enjoyed the previous books in the series, and despite my issues with Iron Crown it's shakeup-the-world-resolution (which brings a once and for all ending on one front and a real beginning on another) has me curious to see what happens in the next. Though, with author Mead focused on her YA series and turning out entries in her Succubus series as well, it will be a long time before we find out how another big change for Eugenie will play out.
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message 1: by Ctanner (new)

Ctanner I want to read this because I really liked the first two. However, I think I might wait for the fourth and final book so that I can complete it and not have to be annoyed with the end of the third book.

Melindeeloo Probably a good idea:) I didn't realize that there were only going to be four. Did you see when the next one is going to be coming out?

message 3: by Ctanner (new)

Ctanner No clue.

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