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Blood Born by Linda Howard
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Feb 26, 11

bookshelves: fantasy, paranormal, romance

I see this book is getting some less than enthusiastic reviews, and maybe if you're a die-hard vampire romance lover you'll have a different perspective, but I liked it. I didn't read this book because of the vampirse, though. Actually, I was surprised to see that Linda Howard had written a vampire book. I've read at least a dozen of her books, few of which have a paranormal element, and when they do, it's pretty minor. I was curious when I saw this one, especially since I have grudgingly found a few tolerable vampire stories.

It wasn't great. The beginning of this book is very info-dumpy, reminding me a bit of a scifi or fantasy author new to the genre who hasn't yet developed the knack of trickling information in organically. Since she's an established author I stayed with her and trusted her.

I also found the multiple viewpoints to be a bit distracting. I understood why she did it, because she's obviously setting up a bigger world than just the hero and heroine. Though I'm used tot hinking of Linda Howard's books as romance, in this book it was a less important plot element than usual.

I did like her vampires. Unlike many other vampires out there, hers are warm-blooded and have a heartbeat. She's disposed of the idea that a wooden stake is required to kill one, only complete destruction of the head or heart. I also liked the idea that the reason vampirse can't get into a person's home is because of a spell a witch cast hundreds of years ago, something the vampirse are now trying to undo. I also liked the idea that rarely, vampires can reproduce.

If you're a die-hard vampire fan, I'm not sure what you'll think of this, but if you like Linda Howard, I'd give this a try. It's not quite like her other stuff, so bear that in mind if you've never read her before.

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