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Remainder by Tom McCarthy
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Feb 27, 11

bookshelves: 2011-reads
Read from February 26 to 27, 2011

**** 1/2

Disturbing and amazing. And it just got creepier as it went on. If you're a fan of Paul Auster or Charlie Kaufman, read this book.

One thing I appreciated about Remainder is that the British word usage and spellings weren't changed for American readers. Few things irritate me more than books where usage is changed--but not consistently--and there's no reason to change it in the first place.

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Kalen "When I got out of there, I took off my wet clothes and had a bath. I lay in my bath looking at the crack and thinking about what had happened. It was something very sad--not in the normal sense but on a grander scale, the scale that really big events are measured in, like centuries of history of the death of stars: very, very sad. A miracle seemed to have taken place, a miracle of transubstantiation--in contravention of the very laws of physics, the laws that make swings stop swinging and fridge doors catch and large, unsuspended objects fall out of the sky. This miracle, this triumph over matter, seemed to have occurred, then turned out not to have done at all--to have failed utterly, spectacularly, its watery debris crashing down to earth, turning the scene of a triumphant launch into the scene of a disaster, a catastrophe. Yes, it was very sad."

Kalen "In the part of the night where it's quietest, around three or four o'clock, I started wondering where this black man's soul had disappeared to as it left his body. His thoughts, impressions, memories, whatever: the background noise we all have in our head that stops us from forgetting we're alive. It had to go somewhere: it couldn't just vaporize--it must have gushed, trickled or dripped onto some surface, stained it somehow. Everything must leave some kind of mark."

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