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501 Must Read Books by Emma Beare
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May 03, 2015

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While I often agreed with the authors chosen, I did not always agree with the specific books of these chosen as their "best" works.

I also personally would have re-arranged the genre sections to have a proper non-fiction section.

..and how come we are doing SF and thrillers, but no horror or fantasy? ...for Pete's sake - an iconic author such as Tolkien is included under children's fiction...!! Could the "children's" section not rather have been named: "fantasy" which could have included children's fiction?
Non-fantasy children's novels could have been placed in a YA section.

Alternatively, could SF/Fantasy not have been placed together, since there is often a lot of crossover between these 2 genres?

I did not like the "thriller" section either, which seemed rather skewed in favor of early twentieth century detective novels. (...and in spite of that, Miss Marple doesn't even feature! LOL)

Surely, in any case, one must view the books as 'must-read' only if you are interested in the specific genre, so I feel more genres should have been represented here.

On the plus side, for those having nothing else to do, and nothing left to read, every novel gets an informative, succinct description, with some brief information on its author included, making this a useful and interesting, if lightweight, reference/coffee table addition to one's library.

The book can be read on its own mainly for entertainment and to fill out any gaps in personal literary knowledge, or can be used as a quick reference book, but it is lacking regarding the satisfaction of anything more serious than idle curiosity, since it most often doesn't even give information on other equally good or famous books a prolific author might have written.
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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill On the plus side, for those having nothing else to do, and nothing left to read,

There is always 501 Must-taste Cocktails

Traveller Hehehe ...and to think, I've only tasted about 10-15 different cocktails in my life... how seriously behind am I? :P Tssk tssk.

It would take me weeks and weeks of cocktail tasting to catch up..- and I suspect even more weeks of trying to get over the resulting hangovers.

Anyway, once you start testing out the 501 cocktails, I suspect you will soon reach a point where you won't be worried about not having read the 501 books anymore... ROFL

Bill, you're a treat... :D

message 3: by Bill (last edited Feb 26, 2011 01:36PM) (new)

Bill Also, how many times have you enjoyed your favorite book? Whereas you can enjoy your favorite cocktail 5 or 6 times. In one day. Every day.

I was marveling at the amount of time and effort, reading, it must take before one would gain the confidence to publish an assertion of the 501 must read Books. Then I saw she'd written a book on 501 must taste cocktails and I realized ..well... not necessarily...

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