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The Prophet of Yonwood by Jeanne DuPrau
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Feb 26, 2011

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bookshelves: dystopia, young-adult, 2011
Read in February, 2011

Like The People of Sparks (the second book in this series), I think this book left a great story untold. This book told the story of a somewhat crazy woman who is held as a prophet because she had a vision others believed was from God. Mrs. Beeson acts as an interpreter for the prophet and requires all the members of the town follow what she believes are the prophets words. The people can no longer sing or own dogs; they are required to put their dogs on a bus to be taken away. People who don't follow the rules have to wear bracelets that hum all the time. Nikki, the main character, tries to do good by reporting what she believes are sinners. Everyone is doing what the think is for the best and they don't realize what they are doing until things get out of hand. War is eminent, but we never find out what the war is about or why the deadline set by the government is so important. Then, when the deadline passes, nothing happens. From this story it isn't clear why a city like Ember would be necessary. No immediate consequences of the war are shown.

Nikki's father is working on a secret project (presumably a builder), and he sends postcards to the family reveling where he is. Ultimately, not much happens in this story except that we are introduced to one of the future members of Ember. I didn't feel like I understood her decision to join Ember or even the reasons that the builders felt that such a drastic measure was necessary. That was the story that I wanted to hear. Why did they decide to build Ember? What technologies were necessary to invent? How did they decided who to send? What was the reception of the people (did everyone even know)? And who gave up their babies to be the next generation of the human race?

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