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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
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Feb 25, 2011

it was ok
Read from August 05 to 08, 2012

** spoiler alert **
I...I can't even...what in the world...DID I JUST READ?
This book is wrong in so many ways. Wrong and confusing. Wrong, confusing and weird.

What is wrong?
Pfftt, honey, the whole book is wrong to be exact.

I just can't believe that this book, with such an amazing cover plus having an awesome *trailer (With a hot hero) which can convince almost everyone to read this and then having such a mysterious yet gripping blurb to make this book sound so good to the readers here, can be so...bad.

Let me start with the story. ESPECIALLY the story.

This girl Mara wakes up in the hospital. Her problem? Can't remember the day her friends Rachel, Claire and boyfriend, Jude died. Then the story goes on and suddenly shes starts seeing the ghosts of her friends. (Acceptable, yes.) After a while she kills a man just by imagining it. (Yeah this has taken my attention, I am starting to like this book) But then there is this huge, huge gap in which every single fuck is forgotten and we see Noah and Mara spending the whole time together. (My thoughts? =Where did the whole story go?)Then she kills another woman by imagining it. (Okay, alright, this is getting boring now.) Thinking this is not weird? Let me tell you this then. Her small brother is kidnapped out of nowhere. (Please tell me I am reading the same freaking book right now -.-) Then after a while, we come to know Noah has powers. Girly, lame powers, which do not make sense to any sane human mind. (What in the world? Where did thhhattt come from? Wasn't Noah supposed to be, just the simple, hot hero? Goshh...) Remember that Mara still sees the ghosts while this all shit is happening. After that, she tries to kill the person who has kidnapped her brother. And because of that we had to suffer the whole, "Mara you can't do this, but Noah I have to, I am breaking up with you" for I don't know how many pages, even though THE DUMB ASS hero told her about the villain in the first place. And then shes doesn't shoot because another totally random woman has shot the villain and stuff and then Mara is feeling all like, I am murderer and complete shit and when she goes the to police station to surrender herself, she sees Jude. and HES ALIVE. Get it? GET IT? That was the whole book.

The Characters?
Don't even get me started.
Mara - A totally, officially A* stupid weird heroine, who's point of view wasn't so pleasant to read. Half of the book is about her being all like, "I am mad but oooh, theres Noah, the perfect hero, Noah. Who can fix me. So in the end, I am not mad." After a while, "What if I am mad?" *Facepalm*

Noah- A totally hot boy with girls all dying to get his attention and yet who does he actually choose? Yes folks, you guessed it. The loser heroine. He bares her for almost all of the book and they do not even make-out properly in this book (and here was I expecting all kissing and stuff) and then what do we get out of it? Yes you guessed it again. Hes not normal too because hes has these girly healing, sensing shitty powers. Yay! Sucks to be you Noah.

Jamie- An adopted black bisexual Jewish, with dreadlocks and a tongue ring.
O.O Next person please.

Daniel- Way too perfect brother to be true.
Joseph- Honey, you were just in the story to be kidnapped.

And in the end, all I could possibly do was, read the negative reviews and agree with them. 2/5 stars, 1 stars for the starting of the book which was actually going really good and 1 star some scenes which I liked.

So my fellow goodreads, I have told you my side of the story, now the choice is yours. You can either read this or you can just move on to another book which, trust me, will be far more satisfying than this book.
The faith of your brain cells is in your hands.
Choose wisely.

I am still like this right now...
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08/07/2012 page 226
50.0% "Okay...Noah seems pretty interesting, but shouldn't the story be focused on her incident and stuff rather than spending time with Noah? o.O"
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message 1: by Racquel (new) - added it

Racquel I thought the cover was UGLY at first & i had no idea why everyone is in love with it but when I looked up close & saw the guy is like pulling her out the water I fell in love too!

Nimra khalid i love the cover toO..!..its beautiful..<3

message 3: by Sascha (new)

Sascha LOL
I love your review, thanks for the info

message 4: by tia (new) - rated it 4 stars

tia omg i loved your review. when she met noah, everything just revolved around them and im like okay now when are we gonna find out about your past and stuff. and then like there were so many scenes that become irrelevant and unexplained, like, unfinished because the book was filled with too many mara/noah moments. like at one point jamie told mara about noah sleeping with his sister, mara got mad, asked him and noah said oh do you believe him and then bammmm forgotten because mara is too busy staring at the beautifulness of noah. -.-;

Saniya Haha, thanks :)

Infintelyinvisble I should have read you're review first,I spent the whole day reading it!Crap! I hate it! And usually I don't say that about any book,but I hated it I mean come on,half the time I didn't even understand what was going on.Some how Noah does this healing shit thing...ugh... I expected something more! Sorry if this offended anyone

Tormented Fangurl Just 'cause someone cannot understand it doesn't mean it's wrong.No offense.

Saniya Anastisia wrote: "Just 'cause someone cannot understand it doesn't mean it's wrong.No offense."

Not understand it? I literally summarized the whole book in my review love. And my wrong stands for a completely different reason.
And non taken. :)

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