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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
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Sep 11, 2012

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Right now, I have this surreal wish to be in ninth grade again. I didn't like Romeo and Juliet a lot back then, but never really knew how to explain why, which sucks when you're supposed to analyze and criticise the damn thing.

It isn't your fault, Romeo and Juliet's, that I don't like you. And it's not as if I hate you, either. BUT I don't like how people see you. Frankly, I don't think you ever intended to be seen this way, though I'm not in a position to judge what you intended and what not, so there is that..

The point is, imo you aren't epic and romantic. You're about two teenagers who fall in lust. About self-unaware teens who don't yet know the difference between love and lust, and between real-life and imagination. You're a "lovestory" that inspired other authors to write stories about forbidden loves that are just as shallow. If you take away the general perception of the story, I'd be all okay with you, because it's realistic to a degree. Teens tend to over-dramatize their lives, not bothering with the potential fall-out and consequences and shit, but how can the whole damn world go all "epic love-story!"?

Which brings me back to my German class. You see, I had three different German teachers, two of them were Frau W. and Frau R. Of all of them, Frau R. was the only one who was bad-ass. She was freaking brilliant! She insulted authors while praising their work, she only once in her life gave someone an A+, and she kept the essay so she'd always remember not to go soft on her students. The least bad-ass was Frau W. She was.. mushy. If she was a reviewer, she'd be one of those who think every book was awesome, which is fine, but not very inspiring for people who are in the middle of finding out how to *think*.

Now, who do you think was my teacher when we read Romeo and Juliet? Right. Frau W. And I wish she wasn't, because if it had been Frau R. I'm sure I'd have realized what bugged me about Romeo and Juliet way earlier. Also, I'd have put more effort into finding out, because she was a teacher who really made you WANT to talk about literature.

But she wasn't. So I wish I was back in ninth grade, so I could get out of that class, search for Frau R., and ask her what she thought of Romeo and Juliet. Because, heck, almost everyone sees love in that story, so maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I "read it wrong", maybe I'm too bitter or too narrow-minded to see that it IS about love afterall.

Eeh. -_- Frau R, where are you?

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Shiku I don't think you're wrong, there's just not the love half the world seems to find in there. ;) (You see what you want to see?)
Plus, I wish I had a German teacher like Frau R.! (Instead of others. It's not as if all of them have been bad.)

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