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Duck! by Kim Dare
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I had to really thing at what I want to write and how, because this story's not easy for me to comment.

My first reaction was WTF? And to burn the book.
Since it's a ebook I rethink this idea, retry the book for end up just passed the too numerous sex scene and just take my time before commenting.

I'm disappointed of Kim Dare. It's the second book in row that this happen (see Mistletoe and Submission if you are desperate to read about a bad BDSM relation).

You do not have one single, indication, explication about the world they live in. The entire society's base on race and slavery (yes, slavery because even if you call a slave a servant but that this servant can't say NO and is not paid for his service, how to call it otherwise?). Even if the word was never said Ori was clearly raped, abused and tortured at numerous occasion and nobody seems to fuss about that. Do you have the choice to live in this society or not? Did they live outside the rest of the world for that this kind of comportment's tolerated? And how Ori knew he was a avian?

I'm honestly angry with Kim Dare. Why chose to write about rape, dubcon (even if it's clear that Ori's a true submissive, he was in no real position to say NO to Raynard and was conditioned to think less of him) when she pride herself in always write about sane-safe-consensual relation.

Ori's submissive and like to read. That's his personality. Did he had friends? Plan? Dream? Passion?
Raynord's (I am the only one to find it annoying this writer's habit to always call her dominant by their family name?) a dominant and is valiant. That's his personality.

Why write about avian shifter if it's not to used their characteristic?
Why talk about 24/7 submissive as if they're the only type that exist?
Why this sentence : "It was time his submissive learned exactly how different a punishment could be when delivered by an avian who truly understood what dominance and submission meant?" make me uncomfortable?
Why write more than two hundred pages of PWP?

This was a part of my comment on Cameron's Pride (book 4 of Thrown to the lion by this writer):

"When you chose to write fantasy, you have make the writer understand the world in which they evolve. You give example, explication description or action to help the reader immerse himself in the book and the world. Sadly that's not the case here. We do not received one single answer to all the question that these book bring."

Same thing here.

I did not like this book, can't recommended it and probably going to erase it. I don't like to say it but that's book was a waste of time and money. It's harsh but the truth.

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