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The Blind Mirror by Christopher Pike
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Feb 24, 2011

liked it

I had expected more from this book, but was ultimately not too disappointed. Like other works by Pike, the story was abstract and paranormal. There seemed to be heavier Christian overtones to this piece than much of his other work, which has more of an Eastern Religion flavor. I was disappointed by how belabored and pedantic the actual writing was. I noticed after several chapters the absence of contractions except in dialog. Possibly this contributed to the feeling of being 'talked down to.' Metaphors seemed strained and similes bordered on ridiculous: "He was as wrinkled as a load of laundry."
It felt like Pike took one of his Young Adult titles, expanded it by a hundred pages or so and added a lot of sex and swearing. However, the idea behind the plot was good and the payoff at the climax of the text is acceptable. The first half of the book read more like a detective novel and the second half like hard core science fiction. That's a decent mix for me, but others might be put off by the rather abrupt shift.
Altogether an engaging book for fans of Pike's work.
(My husband, who was reading Pike for the first time did not like it at all. I thought it was okay.)

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