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Lips Touch by Laini Taylor
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Jun 30, 2011

really liked it
Read from June 25 to 26, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I very much loved this book even though I was shocked to see that it was three different stories in one, I still loved it…Well, the first story not so much because it seemed unfinished, it was a terrible way to leave a reader hanging at the end by saying it was her first kiss and MAYBE it was her last, I really needed a concrete answer to that and that irritated me. Another thing I loved about the book however was the illustrations, they were exquisite, I especially loved those that depicted the Hatchling story but overall they were all spectacular and neat which is art that I love. On to the actual stories, first up, Goblin Fruit- I like how Kizzy’s grandmother saved her sister from the goblins. Kizzy herself was kind of annoying, gosh all that complaining about herself throughout the book, I wonder why she wasn’t used to the way she was raised seeing as how she heeded to most of her family’s ways and why she kept comparing herself to people who didn’t like her. I’m chalking it up to teen behavior with the way she didn’t listen and take heed to her grandmother’s and family’s stories, I wanted to know why it was so easy for her to believe in ghosts but not goblins…well she said that they wouldn’t be where they lived but still. Another thing that I thought was redundant about her character was with all the superstitions that she was raised with how come she couldn’t see through Jack’s disguise, EVERYTHING was perfect with him, that alone should have been questionable. Ugh! Even with the obvious hints and her grandmother whispering to her through the wind, I mean come on her grandmothers’ knife was on her pillow, it was buried with her at first, the grandmothers grave was not disturbed, really! How much warning could a person need, if the goblins did get to take her soul, she totally deserved it, it was maddening that she still didn’t listen and as I mentioned earlier I wanted to know if her kissing him after he had just eaten the fruit was enough to get her addicted but the story ended before giving that information up. Even though her grandmother died within the beginning of the story, she was my favorite for trying to help Kizzy by giving her the knife, even though she was very adamant about no one getting it and warning her even though she was continuously being an idiot…Let’s just say, I won’t miss this story. Spicy Little Curses such as these was a great read, I was anxious to get started on it because I couldn’t get a general idea about the story from the illustrations before hand, I found the idea of it interesting and how everyone went to hell when they died to be born as something different, be it a moth or a dog, how much does that suck? I was glad when Estella groomed the curse on the baby by making sure she understood what would happen if she spoke or sang so that she wouldn’t please the curser, this story was actually quite breezy and delightful, it had a good plot, a good climax with everything being resolved at the end, it was perfect…Last but not least is the Hatchling story, I loved a lot about this particular story, mainly the Queen of the druj, coldness, power and cruel will, just floats my butterflies, she’s my favorite in this story. I didn’t like how Mihai didn’t see how having the woman who abused her as a child grow inside her daughter wouldn’t affect her mental state as much as much as it did especially now that her daughter and said abuser now have to be near each other and share a deep connection and all that jazz, I just hope that once she sees the Queen with a little bit of her soul back she’ll be able to get over it, honestly though I didn’t think she would end up being catatonic over it though, I mean she did get her daughter back…maybe it was the scare of losing her period that shook her so badly. I loved reading about the history of the druj, how lived and came to be. I didn’t like that they, well the Queen used young children to bring her out of her boredom, I also didn’t like how the story ended even with Taylor showing us that the Queen trusted Mihai enough to shift cithra, which was a huge progress in itself I wanted to see her gaining her soul back in action and I wanted to see how she would act toward Esme now that they have a connection because she was so cruel and cold, figuratively and literally…it would have been cool seeing her soften a bit toward the girl she abused daughter. It also would have been good to get a little epilogue to see if all the druj recaptured their ashen souls in time and what happened when they did like did they get to keep their immortality once they did, I still loved the story though = )

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