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Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
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Feb 23, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: 2011, didn-t-finish, food
Read from February 23 to 27, 2011

I'm still planning to get a copy to work my way through, but so far, I have not been impressed. I made three recipes from this book; the first turned out alright, if a little too oily, but the other two required a lot of alterations. I think it's probably worth it, to eventually have a store of vegan cookie recipes, to work through them and discover the necessary modifications, but I'm unsure why my heretofore favorite vegan cookbook authors have written recipes that don't quite work.

So far I've made: Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows, which turned out okay but a little too oily; the first Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, which required reducing the oil, increasing the flour, and lengthening the cooking time; and the Peanut Butter Blondies recipe, which I only made once before the interlibrary loan book had to be returned, so the only thing I could do to improve the undercooked, crumbly mess the recipe instructions produced was to more than double the prescribed baking time.

Unimpressed, but up for the challenge. And still, I trust the authors more than the majority of stuff you find on the internet that is often untested and sometimes simply inedible.

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Melissa Hey, sorry, after you said you were looking at my profile, I started to look through your reviews as well. So, I'm, like, review-stalking you now, stranger.

OK, firstly, the Pillows! I've seen people make these too oily -- the chocolate part, not the peanut butter part. You can actually visibly see it when they're too oily. This is true, I've found, for all chocolate cookies made by Moskowitz/Romero. That said, MINE have never been too oily! One time, I thought the chocolate part of the pillow was too oily and I added more flour and it was fine.

Consider taking a moment to look at the pictures I've posted on Amazon of these things:

Of all the Moskowitz/Romero chocolate cookies I've posted, the one that's oiliest is the one that's on the cover of this book -- the Rocky Road. But it can get away with being kinda oily, I think. My pillows, though, you can tell are not overly oily. They're perfect, if I may say so myself! But if you look at other folks' posted pictures on this book's amazon page, you can see sometimes it's too oily.

That said, the Choc Chip Cookie recipe in this book bores me. The BEST CCC recipe I've ever made is the one from the book Vegan Diner. It is amazing, and only uses, like, 3 tablespoons of oil? I don't know if you can find the recipe on the internet or what. But it's totally worth trying.

Other than that, I do believe this is the best vegan cookie book out there! Ginger Macademia cookies will, like, make you fall over from deliciousness. The black and white cookies are perfection -- exactly as they should be, no BS (I've had so many bad B&W cookies in my life). Lazy Samoas are far, far better than the girl scout version is nowadays (I remember them being better when I was a kid, but they're crap now).

I know you posted this almost a year ago, but I sure hope you've tried more!

message 2: by Ami (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ami Vegan Diner....I'll put *that* one on my to-read!

I did go to see your customer review pics, and WOW! Did you really upload all your awesome cooking for each book? Because that is amazing! I'll have to look more, and at your blog (linked in your profile; I can Goodreads-stalk too ;-P And nice, with not-too-oily PB pillows. Next time, I will def. be adding more flour.

I had to modify the choc chip recipe a lot, but after I fussed around with it, I got it near-perfect. I should write up that recipe here sometime....

message 3: by Ami (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ami Oh, and I got this book for Christmas (the review was the inter-library loan had to return in 2 weeks version), so I have made more; so far, I've enjoyed the PB cookies (which are good, but a little weird with the molasses...but my fault, since all I had was "full flavor, not light), and the Mexican Snickerdoodles, which are wonderful, and I can't remember what else, but lazy samosas are on my near-future list.

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