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The Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis
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Feb 23, 11

There is literally nothing redeeming about this book. Sure, you can write a book about vapid, idiotic, directionless, selfish, pointless, drug-and-alcohol-addicted people, and it can still be good, but that would require being a good writer. I always thought this writer was overrated--without having read any of his books-- so I forced myself to get through this to see if there was any point to it. There wasn't. Here's what's wrong with it. 1. The characterization is so bad that it's actually hard to tell the characters apart sometimes because they're all act same (idiotically) and tell the story in the same voice. 2. No discernible plot (or at least not one I cared about.) 3. Ridiculous portrayal of college, and of younger people. Even people who party all the time actually have depth. 4. Stereotypical gay guy. 5. Writer obviously trying to be edgy with casual sex and drug references, douchebag characters who think things like "I want to hit her, then f-- her." 6. Chapters are told by different characters and occasionally switch from 1st person (which would be ok if the writer was good and handling voice), but sometimes they (for no apparent reason) switch to third person, and--omg this is so literary I almost died of how impressed I was because I forgot it wasn't the 80s anymore--second person. 7. There's a chapter, randomly, for no reason, in French. Was that supposed to alienate the reader or something? Did you pop that into Google translator? My only hope is that some dbag didn't write their dissertation on this.

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Yakub Medici You're missing the whole "satire" thing.

message 2: by Vani (new) - added it

Vani Yakub wrote: "You're missing the whole "satire" thing."

I'm not-- I just didn't find this book funny at all.

Yakub Medici Satire doesn't necessarily have to be funny. In this case, it's kind of sad. Also, I don't know what you mean by "stereotypical gay guy."
How was he stereotypical at all?

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