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Ellery's Duty by Kim Dare
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Hum, I am the only one the found bizarre how much short time the sacrifice pass inside the house? What I try to say it's that in the first one, Arslan/Ryland only have time to have sex one time before it's was the time to eat. In the book two, same thing and in this book they didn't had the time to have sex before it's was time to return home...That's not logic, that's only happen like that to serve the book and only with the future mate, when all the other sacrifice seems to pass more time in the house.

None of the question I had were answered. No detail, no background stories of the personages (in all the book) were given. That's make the story cold, only focused on the main character, that are not enough well developed to support my attention completely. Ellery and Kefir are cute and made a hot couple, they just lack of realism.

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