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Breaking Logan's Laws by Cameron Dane
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Mar 01, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: mm, romantic-suspense, bodyguards-private-security, series-by-character-universe
Read from February 23 to 28, 2011 — I own a copy

3.75 stars. I could have given it 4 full stars if not for the overly-long sex session. The first half (takes place one evening) was well done and brought back memories of a Cameron Dane that hooked me back then with Renecade which I loved. Unfortunately, Logan and Nate continue the next morning and by the time I was done flipping page after page of fucking, I was exhausted. One can have too much of a good thing, after all.

Those who do like their sex to cover several pages won't mind, I'm sure. For me, I enjoyed the suspense thread more and though there were many opportunities for Nate to turn out to be another TSTL MM hero, he was (thankfully) no such thing. When he needed to take off to handle something that came up - and it was expedient to do so - he did go off on his own but would keep Logan informed even though he knew Logan would be having kittens. He didn't take stupid risks and made sure Logan knew where he was. That is a lot more than most MCs do in the romance genre. It's as if you're a MC in a romantic suspense, you have the license to do the stupidest things to endanger yourself.

I love Nate. He's sane, smart and lovable.

For a man who's a few years younger than Logan, Nate was a man who balanced self-confidence with what was realistic. He was never whiny with his demands and the way he carried out his responsibilities showed whatever he expected of Logan as his partner wasn't unreasonable. There was enough in the suspense portion to keep me reading, good enough for me to set aside my complaints about turning hot, intense, emotionally-satisfying sex into a rather tedious chore to get over and done with.

I'd like to see Riley with a book of his own - searching for his missing sister, perhaps? BLL is so much better than the previous Quinn Security ( I Do) which I felt was a bit of a rip-off. If QS Book 4 is another "real" book, I'm definitely buying.

And this is for Kassa: Channel & Chute make several guest appearances in this installment. I came across one that made me go "huh?" - 'confused and fluttering chute'. What the hell is that? It's Nate's chute, btw, and it's not the only time his 'chute' is fluttering either.
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ElaineY Had to go buy 'I Do' and read that first as Logan and Nate met in that book. I hope it's worth it as I deliberately bypassed it since Rhone and Adam are already an established couple. Where's the fun once the sexual tension's gone? And I hate weddings in my books.

Kassa Ha! Great review.. I swear Dane loves her channels and chutes. I'm not sure that fluttering or confused chutes are sexy. In fact, chutes to me are not sexy at all. I got this recently and I'm excited to read it after your review but I'll just skim the sex scenes. I wish we could start a petition "no more fluttering chutes!" I wonder if Logan's channel quivers?

ElaineY Kassa wrote: "I wonder if Logan's channel quivers? "

Now that you mention it, I think one of the rectums does quiver.

Oh, don't skip the sex scene entirely! It's important to Nate and to Logan what they're doing there. You can skim through the morning-after session, though. I'm sure after the night before, you'll still be recovering. Seriously, though, the first half is good, hawt sex and good enough without the extended play the next morning.

Kassa Ok I'll read the sex scenes even with the quivering, scared rectums. (poor things, just want to pet it) ... I love hot sex so I'm excited. You really talked this one up so maybe I'll start it today.

ElaineY Kassa wrote: "You really talked this one up so maybe I'll start it today..."

It could be that I'm just feeling a tad guilty about sniggering over the confused, fluttering chutes and quivering rectum so don't expect too much and end up disappointed.

Honestly, though? I did enjoy it. On a less frazzled day, I would have given it 4 stars.

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