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Flirt Club by Cathleen Daly
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Mar 31, 13

bookshelves: 3-stars, chick-lit, contemporary, read-in-2011, young-adult
Read from February 22 to 25, 2011

Review posted on Reading Lark on 1/26/11:

I need to begin this review by making it perfectly clear that this is a cute read for middle school students, but it was just not for me. There were some things I really enjoyed, but they were far outweighed by my complaints. As always, even though this book wasn't my favorite, I can understand the thought and effort put into the work by the author.

I really enjoyed that this book is told only through notes and journal entries. I always find novels done in this manner intriguing. This format really helps you get into the characters' heads. However, since I found one of the characters to be truly annoying, having half the book told from her perspective caused the read to drag. I think if the book had been told totally from Izzy's perspective I might have enjoyed it more, but Annie's sections became so tedious for me. Again, I think part of the problem is I am not an 8th grade girl whose into drama. I wasn't into the drama club even as an 8th grader so I can't really speak on if Annie's voice rings true to that group.

However, I am an 8th grade teacher and I can tell you that very few of my students would talk the way Annie often does. I read them some excerpts and they said it sounded more like things a 6th grader would say. Annie is constantly making up words and calling people random names like porkchop. I also found it totally disgusting that she spends quite a few notes discussing her bowel movements. I understand getting nervous before a big test, audition, or talking to your crush - but do most kids these days really share information about their poo with their friends? Perhaps times have just changed. I also found Annie to be whiny; she just grated my nerves.

There was also so many references to theater and musical theater that I was lost during those moments. I knew some of the plays - To Kill a Mockingbird - but some were totally foreign. Again, as someone who was never into the stage I may not have been the best reader for this book. I would be interested to see if others who are into that would enjoy this more.

I also thought the brief nod to Fight Club was cute. The only rule of Flirt Club is to not talk about Flirt Club. I wonder though if younger teens would pick up on this reference. I also remember me and my friends creating stupid little groups like this in middle school. However, I couldn't help but think back to The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg as I read this one. The clubs are created for different reasons, but I couldn't stop comparing the two after that point.

Finally, I rated this book as a 3 because the writing is strong and I did enjoy one of the main characters. I don't think it's a bad book by any means, but it just wasn't the right read for me at the time. I probably would not have read this one if it had not been part of a challenge. This is one of those books that will be loved my younger teens, but was not accessible to older readers. Again, I can't fault the author for that. She wrote with a specific audience in mind. However, I also think some kids will be turned off by Annie, thus, the 3 rating.

One Last Gripe: I hated the cover. It doesn't even look like Izzy or Annie.

My Favorite Things About This Book: Izzy's Journal Entries & the Locker Attack

First Sentence: Well, it turns out 8th-grade math is just as breathtaking and exciting as 7th-grade math. (NOT!)

Favorite Character: Izzy aka Cisco

Least Favorite Character: Annie

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