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The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure by Chris Prentiss
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Mar 15, 2011

it was ok
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Read from February 28 to March 14, 2011

p17 scratchism, scratchaholic, aspirinism
labelling it incurable makes it more difficult to cure
p85 Why do you do it?
then like prison punishes people to better them
p134 stigma of being a “drunk” perpetuated in AA is shameful and demoralizing

The reminder attached to this admission – that a former alcoholic is to be constantly on guard against relapsing or a former alcoholic who drinks again easily becomes an alcoholic again is far outweighed by the poor self image calling yourself incurable creates. It also, at least subconsciously, is a constant reminder of the permission to drink or use drugs as a remedy since you are addicted for life and you are not curable.

AA literature – no one knows what causes alcoholism. This is outdated since we now know to search for the underlying, often hidden problems, that drive the behavior. See pg 17
12 step 1 – We were powerless, now we know how to bring our power back, beware the implication to be living that you are still powerless. And that even when you were using there may have been times in between that you did stop for a little while. Although an addict may always hunger for their poison, were there times when you didn’t? Why?

p138 Relapse is not a part of recovery.
p160 sobriety is now the norm
p161 where our beliefs are stored- the awareness
p164 What the Bleep – cell division carries the receptors. Depression during cell division causes new cells to already be depressed at creation. How fast cells split. Creating the biological dependency on depression. This is the physical dependency that incurable addiction refers too. It takes time and work for the body to come back (or a miracle). Withdrawal.
p165 Addiction is the dependency on emotion. It’s not drinking that does it. It is the feeling that drinking brings to you.

p167 Hippocrates – the father of medicine. See my DiSC article
p170 part of your brain can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined experience (but the other part can), imagine a cure available, false hope
p175- a thorough treatment program covers all four areas of life in stages: first is detox
medical doctor, acupuncture/acupressure (traditional Chinese medicine), holistic doctor (integrative medicine), nutritionist, clinical psychologist (and marriage and family therapy), hypnotherapy, personal fitness, visualization and meditation, spiritual therapy, friends,
p181 ability to heal yourself, the intention to heal, your beliefs
p192 They use ten different therapists at their center to ensure they see the “flaw” in the diamond
p269 aligning your beliefs with what is true

additional information:
questionable 84.4% cure rate (p160)
yelling at people on the phone
$65,000 a month - only a few people need to stay a second month

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