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Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan
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Feb 22, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: romance, raunchy, vampire
Read in February, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This is the story of Razvan, kept locked up and controlled by his grandfather, Xavier, since he was young, and Ivory, chopped into little pieces by order of Xavier and underground for centuries. These two have more than a small reason to hate Xavier, and so it is not surprising that when Razvan escapes they would team up to remove the danger to the Carpathian society. Surprising to both of them was the realisation on first acquaintance that they were lifemates, an event that neither had expected to encounter. Together the pair must placate the Carpathian people, who believe that they are there to harm them, and work towards their goal.

Ivory is an amazing woman, she has a will of steel and is in touch with Mother Earth. When she was chopped into pieces and should have died, she managed to talk a pack of wolves into feeding her instead of feeding on her, and mother Earth provided rich minerals to heal her. She is very thorough, and skilled in everything she attempts, she is a weaponsmith and is a very good spellmaker. Ivory has 6 wolves that look after her, however, these are not ordinary wolves, as she had to save them when they were pups by giving them her blood. The Carpathian wolves have agreed not to breed, and only have blood from Ivory. When she hunts they appear as tattoos on her body and only leave when she allows them to. Although she had a loving childhood, due to the events that happened after she went to Xavier, Ivory is a hermit, and finds it very hard to be around anyone else. Razvan is the only one that she can endure in her presence for any length of time.

Razvan is not the usual Christine Feehan male lead, he is more of a modern male accepting the merits of his female, and allows her to fight as she desires. In all things he considers her feelings and does not command Ivory at any stage. For this reason I love this book more than most of the others I have read as there are too many chauvinistic males in her books. The womb clenching in this book is a bit to excessive, poor Ivories womb clenched at least 3 times during the novel, so it is lucky that Mother Earth fully healed her reproductive organs otherwise she would be incapable of responding to Razvan!

Sadly, although they defeat Xavier, 2 of his slithers manage to embed in the master vampire Sergey (one of Ivory's 5 brothers), so we can look forward to future adventures featuring Sergey.

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