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Feb 22, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: creepy, unreadable, sci-fi
Recommended to Samantha The Escapist by: Coworker and by proxy the Jehova Witnesses on her street.
Recommended for: anyone I don't have to worry would believe what it says.
Read in February, 2011

Should I mark it a spoiler if I start by saying this whole book is bullcrap?

This is the book that gets left at your door by religious Zealots.

Sorry that is a bit harsh, it get left there by people who actually believe what it says and truly think you'd be better off believing it too.

Flipping through the book was hilarious and disgusting to me but perhaps that is because I did not grow up in a religious family. What I was hoping for with this was a sort of well thought argument that raises points that could stand up to basic logic. What I saw was blatant manipulation in text using disassociation and misdirection. Juxtaposing a scientific fact with a similar religious "fact" does not make the latter true.

ex. Caption of an image of two scientists in the middle of sciencing (and thus not taken out of context as it was a stand-alone point)

"Two scientists perform in vitro fertilization. The Creator transferred his son's life to become a human."
-img. pg 146

Mere pages later we see yet another (once again a caption). A man putting a floppy disk into a computer.

"A computer error (or virus) can be purged from the system; mankind needs Jesus' ransom in order to be rid of inherited imperfection."
-img. pg 157

This is probably the case with 80% of the images in this book and they show up every three pages or so. Through sheer repetition and tone they put a mantra in your head of "the creator..." and continue to couple bit of religious myth with scientific facts, borrowing its credibility like a leech.

The only question I'M left with after flipping through this book is whether it was written by someone who believes what they're saying or someone who knows that they're just trying to manipulate people into believing them.
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Buckley Dwyer sounds like you didn't read it. please read it properly then answer the questions and can you please explain evolution. one question to you if I was in the middle of the desert would I find a house built there with plumbing electricity and waste all connected and find it by chance. I don't think so, so how can you compare the human body is design to a house, please be open minded and research and then comment on what you read

message 2: by Samantha The Escapist (last edited Aug 04, 2013 08:08AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Samantha The Escapist Buckley wrote: "sounds like you didn't read it. please read it properly then answer the questions and can you please explain evolution. one question to you if I was in the middle of the desert would I find a house..."

Dude did you make a goodreads account just so you could comment on my review?

Is this a personal quest?

Or were you put up to it by someone who wants you to argue with all the bad reviews for this book and you just started with mine.

Why is it, Buckley, that the only activity you've ever had on Goodreads is to complain about my review?

Buckley Dwyer Please don't see it as an attack, all I am wanting is to understand your comments when you have not read the book through, I have read it and found it to be very accurate, my understanding is that these people do their research, and should be credited for their hard work

Samantha The Escapist In that case I'll ignore the attacky tone of the first comment.

If you must know Buckley, I did read it. Did I read it as closely as I usually read my favourite book? No. Did I read it about as thoroughly as a textbook when studying for school? Yes. Maybe I skimmed some lines and words, but oh I read it.

If it seemed that way from my review it was for two reasons. A) I rather assumed no one would read my review :P and B) I assumed anyone who did wouldn't likely be reading the book right through. I decided to point out my personal favourite photos for their enjoyment and leave it at that

As far as I'm concerned, most of the scientific "facts" laid out in the book aren't facts at all. They're portrayed as fact through clever word play.

Don't get me wrong, the writer did, I think, do their research at least a little on what they wrote. This is reflected in how carefully concealed the misdirection is.

To be honest with you Buckley, you can see the date when I added this. Well, I read it a full few weeks before that and have since lent it to a friend who collects religious propaganda. The book wasn't exactly a stirring one for me so I don't recall a lot of things beyond what I mentioned in my review. I can't answer any of your specific questions and I don't really intend to.

As far as I'm concerned we can part ways amicably knowing that we fundamentally disagree on religion and - it seems - almost definitely on the world of confirmed science.

But I appreciate the respect you have attempted to pay me in light of our dispute, I hope I managed to send at least a little back your way, and I'll be checking your profile later to see if you actually use your goodreads account for reading or for sparking religious debates with those who give bad reviews to watchtower books.

I'm still pretty convinced you're on an assignment.

Samantha The Escapist Update: 1 month later and Buckley hasn't used his account once.

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