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Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan
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Feb 22, 11

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The start of the book was Very Dramatic. I was probably not in the right headspace when I began reading this book, but for the first few pages I was frowning and sighing and very close to rolling my eyes. Then I got over it and went, "Hey, self? You just began, stop being so critical" and it seemed to move a little better after that. But only a tiny bit. Still, the beginning suffers from information dump and bad melodrama. Sure, the info dump is needed, but at the same time it's laid out for the reader--no, shoved in the reader's face--and I wanted a more subtle entry into Miranda's world, thoughts, and feelings. Something that wasn't designed for the reader to go "oh poor woobie."

And then, as a sort of angsty coup de grace, there was a rape scene. A gang rape scene at that.


It wasn't completely gratuitous; there was a reason behind it. On the other hand, it just made me feel like the author had to make her character, right from the start, hit rock bottom and then slam her into the dirt a little deeper, just because. It was useful to the plot, yes. It also really irritated me.

And then there was the POV switch to random killer vampire whose sole purpose was to give more of background information, and to inform the reader about the male lead, who is the leader and a ruthless bastard (to those that break the laws), while holding up justice for the dead human said random killer vampire murdered.

To be honest, at this point I was just hating with only the slightest reason to hate. At least I'm honest about it, eh heh.

Something about the book feels off to me. I can't take it seriously at all (especially when the book tries very, very hard to take itself seriously) and every time a character speaks, I feel as if all of the words are shallow and that, in the end, the entire tone of the book is the same. It doesn't help that the author doesn't seem to know the meaning of 'show and not tell'.

The saddest part is, as I'm writing this, I'm only about a fourth of the way through this book. It's screamingly shallow and the writing is... it feels undeveloped. It just sounds juvenile and it needs to be tighter. The readers are told chunks of information for no real reason and out of nowhere. Subtlety is for other books apparently--this one wields foreshadowing like a sledgehammer.

How in the world did this book get the reviews that it did? I tried so hard to remain objective in the beginning, but now I'm sort of throwing up my hands and going, "You know what? I'm just going to bitch about this." I can't even give this book two stars. It probably doesn't help that the author doesn't do anything particularly clever or new with her version of vampires, and I wanted more out of that as well. The world, the characters, the plot, and the writing just fall flat. I can't bring myself to care about the characters (this says a lot--I don't even care enough to hate them) and I gave up halfway through the book, skipping from reading to super skimming to get to the end.

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Argh to this entire book.
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02/21/2011 ""He smiled, and the starlight glinted off his teeth."


"He smiled, and the starlight glinted off his teeth."

Ahahahahaha. I hated the beginning so much. Right now... meh. Still kind of in beginning stages, still kind of sucky, not as bad as before. By a tiny, tiny bit."
02/21/2011 "Something about this book just seems so shallow to me. Trying hard to read it without just skimming."
02/21/2011 ""What he was showing her wasn’t complicated, and she should have been able to get it. She could play two musical instruments, damn it!"

Yes, because playing the guitar and the piano is exactly the same thing as trying to learn how to control her empathy. Argh."
25.0% "This book is definitely not getting a good review from me. I'm reading over what I've already written and shaking my head at myself (not to mention the author)."
100.0% "...Ugh. I really don't recommend this book."

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message 1: by Courtney (last edited Sep 21, 2012 08:43PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Courtney Adore this review. It made me laugh and hit all the points that I could never have articulated as well.

Holly I couldn't have described it better myself! Great review ^_^

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