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Playing With Fire by Katie MacAlister
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Mar 25, 2011

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bookshelves: fantasy, fantasy-romance, romance, dragon, humor
Read from March 21 to 25, 2011

May Northcott - aka MayLing - is a doppelganger - she was created, not born, as a kinda clone of Sy, a water niyad and a demon lord... Sy was enthralled by the demon, created May with the demon's power - from Sy's shadow and Sy's common sense in the creation of May, otherwise they are identical twins... but she is a minion of the demon - she has not yet indulged in sex with the demon, but his seductions are affecting her more - she has not had sex with any man... and she, as a doppelganger, can slip through shadows and into the other world...so the demon uses her as his thief - the demon wants objects of power that will give him a foothold in the human world...

we met Gabriel, wyren of the Silver Dragons, with thier longstanding fight against the Black Dragons (Kosovia)... and friend to Drake & Aisling somewhat - you know those dragon politics)... he is a healer, seems to be the most refined of all the wyrens - Australia is his base... and cursed not to have a mate born until things are solved with the black dragons...

and they meet as May has taken the dragon something, tied to the 1st wyvren... and Gabriel knows her as his mate - as she was not born, she is not effected by the curse... and May is drawn to him... every time they come together for sex (and all have elements of humor to them), Gabriel is overcome with need to possess her immedieatly - no foreplay, though he keeps promising he will gain sufficient control soon... and she accepts and desires his dragon fire right off... May's only reservation is her tie to the demon, whom she fears will hurt Gabriel...

the demon orders her to retrieve the dragon something (phylactic?), and along the way we have Sy getting kidnapped, thief takers after May, Drake, Kosov & Gabriel struggling for balance, power, & protection, Jim's humorous input (he stops the 3 wyverns from fisticuffs when Aisling tells him to stop them, and he responds with - what do you want me to do? urinate on them?), Sy's troubles she gets into as she doesn't have any common sense, and Gabriel's a much nicer, understanding dragon and the mating and love between Gabriel and May is interesting - the mating pull is there, and they both accept it (not fighting it), and each interaction between them brings them closer to a full love... ahhhh

so... the steal the phylactic, and though May does her darndest not to touch it, knowing that the demon will take her if she does, it is thrust into her hands... Gabriel realizes what she is doing, and holds onto her, so both face the demon... and the demon punishes her by taking her as his consort (instead of sending her to hell), giving up the phylactic & the story ends as the demon takes her away, and Gabriel assuring her that he will not loose what is his... ahhhh book 2 in the making! They need to resolve things with Kosovo - who isn't a bad, bad guy, but needs something hmmmmm... and Aisling is 8 months pregnant (or pregos as Jim calls it)...

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