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Something Missing by Matthew Dicks
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Feb 21, 2011

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bookshelves: action, humor, mystery
Read from March 06 to 14, 2011

A fun story about Martin... a man with OCD who is a burglar by trade - a burglar who takes things people won't miss, mostly incidental household objects (toothpaste, aspirin, syrup - and occasional jewelry, selecting pieces he knows won't be missed) - with very strict rules about who and how - making weekly, 15 minute, highly planned visits to numerous homes - and who starts to look at his clients as friends - and he begins to help them anonymously...

the 1st help was to a couple long married - and after replacing the toothbrush he accidently dropped in the toilet, and being in the home when they couple came home and therefore hiding, he overhears the wife on the phone, sighing, and remembering her husband used to bring her a single rose... so he sends an anonymous note to the husband at his place of employment suggesting he bring his wife a rose... and he does (as Martin observes on his next visit to their house)...

and then he is at another home (the wife is a catere) when a package is left in the backyard, and a message is left by a friend, Laura, saying she forgot the husband's surprise party, so left the gift... but the party was still coming up, and if the husband heard the message and/or saw the gift, the part would no longer be a surprise... so Martin gets the friend's address, breaks into her house, finds her work address, goes to her work, and dramatically drops the hint that he needs a caterer for this weekend - and the friend recommends his client, he calls the client & says Laura recommended them for this weekend.... the client realizes that Laura had the wrong date, calls her up, and is able to get home before her husband to hide the gift... Laura sees Martin as he is driving away, and invites him to lunch (Martin's 1st official date)... and they become friends... and to fall in love - though Martin does his best to tell as many truths as possible...

and in a 3rd home, the Pearls, as he gets there he sees a door slightly open, and a few minutes later a man leaving... he follows the man, gets the man's address and finds out he is a sexual offender... the 3rd home is next door to another registered sex offender, so Martin deduces that the man plans to attack Sophie and let the police blame the neighbor... not knowing quite what to do, he breaks into the offenders house, and sees that he is packed and not planning on returning to that house... he goes over to the Pearls - and checks the garage, and the offender's car is in the garage - he goes to call the police, but he hears breaking glass and cries in the house... he enters the house, the husband is knocked out and tied up, he goes up the stairs with a piece of firewood as a weapon... he calls out - hello, is anyone home... the offender comes out of the bedroom, Martin rushes him and pushes him down the stairs - he is hurt (broken foot & ribs), but calls up to Mrs. Pearl that everything will be okay now, and that he is calling the police... he calls 911 and leaves the phone...

he goes to emergency... and the next day Laura calls about the party she invited him to go to... he tells her he is hurt, and she rushes over (not sure if she believed him)... and for the next 2 weeks she is over daily - and they have exchanged a few kisses... but then Sophie Pearl knocks on his door - having tracked him down from a grocery card that fell out of his pocket... and she thanks him for saving her life... and he tells her his whole life's story and asks for forgiveness, she generously gives it to him and tells him they are friends now, but advices him that he needs to stop and to tell Laura the whole truth... and the story ends, with his plans to have Laura over to tell the whole truth... hmmmmm

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