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At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks
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Feb 21, 2011

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Read in February, 2011

At First Sight was the first Nicholas Sparks book I have read. I've seen the movies to some of his books but that doesn't compare to the details inside the cover. In this book Jermey is a newly single man living in New York. After his first marriage, which failed, Jermey decided that he didn't want to get married again or have kids. Well that all changed when he took a trip to Boone Creek North Carolina to write another story for the magazine he was working for in New York. In Boone Creek he met Lexie. To him Lexie was the most beautiful girl in the world and after being with her for just a couple of weeks...he proposed. Although Lexie said yes, Jermey's friend Alvin wasn't really in favor. What did Jermey really know about Lexie in the first place considering they met eachother for the first time only two weeks ago..? Jermey didn't care he thought he knew what he was doing so he moved to Boone Creek with Lexie that week. After they got down there they found out Lexie was pregnant and considering Jermey was very unlikley to do that, they were thrilled. After a few weeks Jermey got a strange email questioning him about if he was really the father of the baby and intersting facts about Lexies past. The same time the emails came Lexie started to lie to Jermey. This made Jermey question their relationship even more. After fighting for what seemed like weeks, Jermey decided to go back to New York for his bachelor party. His friend Alvin was acting strange and soon enough Jermey realized Alvin was the one sending the emails. Jermey imediatly went back to Boone Creek and apoligized to Lexie and told her everything. After that, their relationship was smooth sailing from there. Nothing else went wrong before their wedding, but after their wedding their lives took a complete 180. Their first ultra sound and they are excited, but when the technician finds something wrong, she calls in the Doctor. Turns out the amniotic band is floating around the baby and could attach, causing the baby to have ABS. Also known as Amniotic Band Syndrome. This could affect the baby in many ways. If the band attached to one of the baby's limbs the baby could be born with out a limb, webbed fingers or toes or a disfunctional limb. What could Jermey and Lexie do now? Nothing. They can't do anything to fix it all they can do is wait and see if it attaches. A week before Lexie goes into labor the band still hasn't attached. Will everything turn out ok? If you like drama and sort of lovey dovey books this is a book you might want to consider reading.

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