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Forgotten by Cat Patrick
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Feb 23, 2011

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Read from February 21 to 23, 2011

At first, it was hard for me to not compare several aspects of the plot to "50 First Dates." Don't get me wrong, that's actually one of my favorite movies. But a book version (ish)... Not sure about that.

Yes, many things were very similar: The main character, London (not Lucy), has a traumatic experience and, as a result, looses all her short-term memory each night as she sleeps. In the morning, she relies on detailed notes written the night before to help her remember what she needs to remember in order to successfully get through the day ahead. There's a love interest, a boy named Luke, whom she eventually remembers even without the notes. Not out of love, though... There are deeply emotional secrets her single parent hides from her in order to emotionally and psychologically protect her.

Ah yes, I can almost hear the "Forgetful Lucy" song in my head. Actually, it became a distracting little brain worm as I tried to enjoy the book...

Here's where the plot twists away. Instead of simply forgetting the past and living day-to-day, London remembers things. She remembers forward to the future. And not everything is rosy. She sees the fate of her classmates, good and bad. She sees her best friend getting involved with the wrong guy and coming out of the relationship with terrible, lifelong scars. She sees a funeral for someone close to her (who? she doesn't know). At first, London just goes with these memories of the future. Until she realizes she has the power to change what she sees. "Forgotten" was much more a psychological drama than a romantic comedy.

Then a bombshell is dropped: One of these future memories is not from the future. It's from the past. And if she can get to the bottom of it, she will learn about who she is and why she keeps forgetting. As this is a review of an advance reader copy, I won't reveal too much. Only that I didn't see the plot twist coming!

The only drawback is this: It seems an important section of the book--the plot climax--is missing. The tension and action builds and builds to what you'd think would be some major action sequence in the next chapter. But then the next chapter is nothing more than a reminder note from London briefly describing a resolution. And then the book ends. Without describing why or how things worked out. As a reader, I want to know these things. I want some details. I want some action. Sadly, that was lacking. I'm disappointed.

Plus, there are too many questions left unanswered.

For these reasons, I give the book only 3 stars.

Othewise, the book was great. Just be warned: The ending is anti-climactic :-( And don't expect to have things (some important) explained.

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Alissa Bach When I first read the flap on the back of the book, I was thinking it sounded a lot like that 50 First Dates movie (I like the movie, don't get me wrong, but a copycat book version? Um, no...). But I'm finding that the book is very different. A bit more wierd than comedy. Highly interesting :)

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