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Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner
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Feb 20, 2011

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A post-apocalyptic world emerges with trees that savor the taste of blood and children sometimes become a bit fey with hidden powers that hearken back to times when the human and the faerie world were closer than they are now. Before. Before the War.

15 year old Liza knows nothing but this new world but that, as her father says, magic is bad and must be suppressed at all costs, even if it means a swift knife stroke to the throat. She also remembers her little sister, Rebecca, who was born with fey silver eyes and crystal clear hair. Rebecca was was left to the mercies of the woods at her father's command after birth.

And this starts the story of Liza's journey into those woods to escape the harsh hand of her father after she realizes that she sees things, things that she would never see if she were a normal human girl. It also starts her on her journey to find her mother who left soon after Rebecca's death.

All in all it was a quick read and I was a particular fan of a post-apocalyptic faerie-human world. However, it definitely fits its YA roots as I definitely yearned for more depth from the plot. Everything seemed to spill out so simply and everything felt pretty black and white, good and evil, faerie and human. While we slowly see that perhaps faeries aren't as monstrous as they seem and humans can be just as cruel - parts of faerie now have radiation poisoning? - it still left me wanting more. I didn't feel enough for the characters and I wasn't really drawn into this world. For her first YA book this is a definitely good start but putting this book down I know that I won't bother picking it up again at a later date for another good thorough read because I know it won't really stick with me. Not compelling enough, I guess. But all in all a good start.

I know there is a sequel to this, Faerie Winter, and I'll definitely consider picking it up but won't go out of my way to do so.

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