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The Last Oracle by James Rollins
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Feb 20, 2011

really liked it

Sigma Force is back and facing another major world crisis that is being planned by sinister and evil men and women.It is not absolutely necessary to read the first book that features Sigma Force, "The Judas Strain", but it would probably be a good idea. "The Judas Strain" left a few unanswered questions that will be resovled in "The Last Oracle".

Rollins in his last two books has done an exceptional job of melding ancient history and present day events. In "The Last Oracle" he starts off with the Oracle of Delphi in Greece and uses it as a catalyst to a nuclear reactor catastrophe at Chernoblyl.

The Russians, using information from a top group of scientists called the Jasons, have found a link between children with autism and a certain gene that leads to Autistic Savant Syndrome. The have also discovered that these children each have a unique quality that includes seeing into the future, knowing if someone is lying, and incredible mathematical and computer skills.

These children are being used by the Russians to set up a new world that will be controlled by them using the children's unique talents.

The culminating event wil be the sealing of the Chernobly site by a huge cement umbrella and all major heads of government will be in attendance.

Sigma Force is in a race to prevent the heads of government from being contaminated by nuclear radiation, and to try and save the children being used experimentally by the Russians.

Rollins will give the reader a lot to think about at the end of the book. He will list all the groups, experiments, and projects that are mentioned in the book that were and are a part of our society.

As always, Rollins gives fast action, and an exciting mystery steeped in the realm of possibility. Sometimes a little far fetched - but then, maybe not.

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