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Burned by Ellen Hopkins
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Feb 08, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended to mary by: my cuz sara
Recommended for: anybody and everybody
Read in February, 2008

** spoiler alert ** wow, this book is... omg i cant even say it. this book hit me really hard, and i cried for hours. (no fuckin joke!) it made me relize that there is so much hate in this world and i think everybody needs to read this book. it is amazing and i couldn't put it down, why is it that whenever there is true love, it always has to end in some way. its not fair. why did ethan have to die, they were in love and its just not fair. her father was unbelievable! i don't understand y it had to end like that. i fell in love with the charecters in this book and i hated other. (her father and mother) omg.i fuckin love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have read so many great books and I have considered many of them my favorites. When I finish a book I sometimes say, “Wow I don’t think that I will ever read a book as good as this one.” But, now that I have read this book, I am convinced that I will never find a book as wonderful and touching as this one. I have read many books sense and they are all great but none have out run this wonderful novel. When I look back on the ending of this book and I really think about, I just start to cry. This book just hit a nerve that I don’t think will ever heal. It brought so many questions to my mind that I know will never be answered. I think that this whole world should read this book, just so people understand how cruel we are to each other. Maybe then our world will change.
I started this book one morning. That day I didn’t stop reading. I kept and kept reading until my mom told me I had to do chores. She had to take the book out of my hands and hide it. That night I finished it and when I did I cried so hard. I just couldn’t stop. Finally I fell asleep and the next morning when I woke up I looked at my desk saw the book, remembered the ending and started to cry again. This is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE book. Nothing will ever top this read.
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Trinity Earle The end left me conpletely shocked! I just couldn't believe it! Ethan couldn't have died! It's impossible! I'm in denial and he wasn't even my love lol. I just can't believe it I cried! He had to have lived! I can't figure out the end tho, it confused me, did Hopkins leave it hanging or was she implying that paytton killed herself? Because I know if I was her I definitly would have killed myself, there is no way I would live my life if I was without him in that situation.

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i cant find the words to even start to say how great this book is but lucky Mary has. I agree with you both Trinity and Mary i cried and must admit beat my book hoping that some how the end would change and Ethan and her baby would be alive...but sadly nothing changed and the end left me confused to..i just finished the book so im still emotional so im going to stop writing.

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Cecilia i agree Mary it was upsetting, but very touching, i love how they were going to be together . . . before the accident happened, i just hated her parents, same with Mikalay's dad in Tilt, i jut got so upset, this is a very touching sorry, although stuff like this happen every day, yes it's a tragedy, but Pattyn doesn't know what she has until it's gone, including her baby, i wonder what happened after she went back to her life, was it the same, did they treat her badly still, or was she living with her Aunt or did the thought of memories of her and her (sorry forgot his name, read a lot of Ellen Hopkins book's to remember) boyfriends sadden her? Will we know? Will Ellen Hopkins make an exciting heartbreaking sequel? Only time will tell.

Edmund Davis-Quinn There will be other books that touch your heart and soul, there always are.

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