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Wolfsangel by M.D. Lachlan
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Feb 19, 2011

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Wolfsangel is a fairly brutal tale, based on the Norse mythology of the end-of-the-world world Fenris, and personalised by twin brothers who are caught on opposite sides of the godly struggle.
As suggested in the title of this review, Wolfsangel appeared right up my alley; epic fantasy of mythological proportions, violent werewolf battles, and just enough human element to form a connection.

M.D. Lachlan kept it up for most of the novel. However, perhaps under the mistaken assumption that one must fill a single volume novel (I assume and hope anyway) with all the various pointless characters that traditional multivolume series have, Wolfsangel's plot eventually buckles under unrememberable names and loosely linked scenarios.

Thats not to say Wolfsangel didn’t have its good parts, the background mythology was cool, the rivalry and suspense around the twin brothers was well-played, unfortunately these good parts were.... diluted by the weaknesses. It seemed like we were going to get a well honed story of love triangles, empires falling and our heroes stepping up to their destines, instead I felt like the plot was mostly a collection of semi-random happenings that eventually got us to the point where the conclusion happened.

I realise that perhaps if I sat down and memorised names and put some real effort into keeping track of places, the story might technically be more complete, but I have a philosophy that if a novel requires effort beyond what you’re willing to give, then it has failed.

Wolfsangel had a lot of potential, and perhaps more is to come from Lachlan. Based on this work, I will only be finding out if I suddenly grow a buttload more reading time.
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