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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
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Feb 19, 2011

really liked it

At last! After the many months awaiting the final novel, it hits the bookstores with a bang (and a rather decent price) exciting faithful readers from all over the world.
That’s right folks, I’m talking about the sixth and final book in the Vampire Academy series; ‘Last Sacrifice’.
So to begin the review, I’d like to say this series is completely different to the Vampire novels you find in the young adult section. The great thing about it is, it’s not focused completely around romance. Yes, it does have romance woven through it in a carefully wound subplot, but the main aspect is action packed mysteries and loyalty to friends.
In regards to this particular book (and I’m going to dismiss the unflattering picture on the front, where you can see up the girl’s nostrils) I think it was a good ending for the series. Last Sacrifice is more mystery than the others in the series, and the way Richelle Mead has written it proved difficult to find any plot holes, even with the complicated plot. She’s written it in the way that she’s managed to feed the reader information without being too obvious about it. You figured out the details at the same time as Rose (The protagonist), which is a definite thumbs up.
Richelle’s writing is basic and easy to follow; you don’t stumble over irritating adjectives or hard-to-understand metaphors. It fits in with the plot, making it even easier to understand.
You can tell the plot, subplots and fillers have been well thought through, yet not in an annoying rigid way. As you read, you get guided through without feeling constricted and without breathing space. It feels effortless as you read; only after finishing the book do you actually realize how much effort must have been put in to polish it up.
On the characters! Rose Hathaway (Protagonist) is a brilliant role model for all readers, yet I was a bit concerned when she’s depicted as a super warrior, and yet when it comes to her ‘partner in crime’ (Dimitri Belikov) she turns into a sappy teenager practically drooling over every touch. I suppose it does show that she does have boy troubles and fantasies yet she can still be this mean lean fighting machine. Then again, it made Dimitri her biggest weakness, and made her incredibly vulnerable making me wonder why more people didn’t use that against her.
Rose’s best friend, Vasilissa Dragomir, is a lovely, polite, frail girl throughout the series, this book being no different. Yet towards the end, I felt she came off as rather bitchy and cruel. Perhaps it’s the fact we could no longer see into her mind* so we had no idea what her thoughts actually were, that her outside persona became less than nice. It really makes you wonder just how different you are to other people than you believe you really are within your head, how different your mind’s view of yourself is to what people actually see. Anyhoo, I didn’t like the way they ended her character in that off light, kind of making me back step and think “But I liked her! Is that who she really was?”

So to conclude, Vampire Academy is a fresh, loveable series that shouldn’t be disregarded as ‘just another vampire novel’. It’s sure plot, and likable characters make this book one that many others would be happy to recommend you to.
Due to the change in characters towards the end, I’ve had to deduct a few points from the overall score leaving it with a brilliant:

*Since before the first novel, Rose Hathaway and her best friend Vasilissa Dragomir have been connected with a ‘spiritual bond’. Lissa has the ability to bring people back from the dead, so when she brought Rose back it tied them together. Rose could see into Lissa’s mind, seeing the world through her eyes, yet it was only one way. Lissa couldn’t see into Rose’s mind.

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