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Safeword Storm Clouds by Candace Blevins
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Apr 05, 2011

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Candice Blevins has given us a new erotic urban fantasy tale with her latest novel, Safe word: Stormclouds. She hasn’t given us a great story, but enjoyable, none the less. Kendra is a vampire, the third most powerful one in the Chattanooga area. Feeling the need for a human companion after quite some time. Eric is a computer games designer and adrenaline junkie who enjoys skydiving, kayaking, and repelling. They are instantly attracted to one another.

There are problems not only is one a vampire and the other human, they are both dominants. In the vampire world, unlike in the human world, submitting is equal to saying you’re weaker than the other vampire as a supernatural creature. If Kendra submits to Eric, other vampires may well see that as a sign of weakness.

Technically, the book is okay. Though there are a few places where you’re yanked out of the flow by a glitch in the prose. Places where the sentence doesn’t make sense because it sounds like two thoughts became one; or at least tried to. Those familiar with other works of urban fantasy will find the world Blevins has created not as gritty as ones created by Hamilton, Harrison or Harris. Blevins vamps aren’t just acting civilized for appearances; they’ve chosen to be such for real, at least those in Chattanooga.

Erotically, there are some excellent BDSM scenes that include some unique and innovative play. Blevins also makes good use of the abilities of vampires in the erotic play she writes about. I could have wished for more, what she does give us flows well from the story and doesn’t feel artificially placed just for titillation. The ones that are there are hot (and a little unnerving for those of us with external genitalia).

The hints Blevins leaves us about the greater supernatural community are teases to our curiosity. The reader hope that future books in the same universe are to be forthcoming. Perhaps even a direct sequel. One can hope, can’t one? Oh, the title refers to the safe word between our two lovers.

Overall, I give this book 4 Divas and a Flame for heat. Even if her less gritty vamps bothers you, you’ll still find a 3 diva story here.
Reviewed by D.Weaver 999
4 Divas

I found the "Struggle" that the main characters were dealing with somewhat unbelievable. The story line was acceptable but there was far too much explanation and back ground information that took away from the plot. It was hard not to jump paragraphs and then have to go back and read something to get me back on track. Eventually, I had to give up. Unfortunately I'll have to give this book an NW in the heat rating. The scenes just didn't do it for me.
Reviewed by Scarlet
2 Divas

Overall this book was an enjoyable read. It has a good story line and it's fast paced. I enjoyed the lead characters. Candace Blevin did a good job of creating this fantasy world.

I was really pulled in by the relationship between the lead characters Kendra and Eric. If the book was only these two characters, I would have loved it. That being's not. I couldn't help but be annoyed by the dialogue between the other characters in this book. I was also disappointed that they weren't more thoroughly developed.

However, even with the small annoyances that put me off, in the end I enjoyed it. If you have an empty afternoon and are looking for a quick, but enjoyable read I recommend this book.
Reviewed by Miss Asima
3 Divas

Well now if I had realized vampire stories could be as hot as Candace Blevin's "Safeword storm clouds" then I would have explored this genre ages ago.

I really enjoyed reading this book and the story had enough to keep me interested but not so much as to confuse me. The main characters Kendra and Eric are both believable and sympathetic. I cared about what happened to them and wanted them to sort out their issues and relationship. I wanted them to get their fairytale ending. I even liked the ambiguity of the ending because it may indicate a sequel and I could read more both from this author and about these characters.

Ms Blevin gets to the emotional heart of her characters as they struggle with the notion of submission and the conflict involved when two Dominants try to form a relationship. She also handles the difficulties of cross cultural relationships, in this case Vampire and human, with sensitivity.

A thoroughly enjoyable read which I am giving 4 Diva's and a Flaming heat rating (again if only the children weren't about). Ok, maybe 4 and a half Diva's there may be some bits I'll read again later….. Reviewed by Ali H
4 Divas

Safeword Stormcloud was not the typical bdsm vampire erotica. I was expecting the same cliche read in previous books. Kendra and Eric are to characters coming from opposite worlds. Both are dominants by nature and clash. This gives the book some meat. I love the conflict of vampire versus human issues and the sensual(hmmuhmm good sex)! Candace Blevin did a remarkable job.
Reviewed by Tina
4 Divas



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