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Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison
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Jul 11, 11

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Read from July 09 to 10, 2011

I have never read the original legend of Tristan and Isolde, so this book was totally new to me. The book cover is absolutely gorgeous and the summary is okay.

As I started reading this book, I could not help but notice how the story often contradicted itself. First Izzie, the protagonist, said magic was something to be very secretive about. But at the first chance, when she and her best friend Brenna hear something about a student having a magic bottle in his possession, they immediately jump to him as to attack him. Wouldn’t that give them away immediately? That’s not as secret as she said before.

The same happens with Tristan. The girls say that he has a very big personality and that he cannot live without being the focus of attention or something along those lines. Although later on, when Izzie tells him to back off he does not even fight for it. And later on, with Brenna. Izzie says she is very shy when it comes to boys. But at a game she starts talking with Tristan, almost flirting with him.

Throughout it all I wanted to care about Izzie. But no matter how I looked at her, she seemed very superficial, spoiled and arrogant. I think the approach to Tristan was not the best. I do not know the reason why he would want to know every little detail about Izzie’s relationship with her boyrfriend and her best friend. It may have been better if the author had given him a little more reason to do so as it seems very out of the blue. And I couldn’t help notice the continued fixation about sweat.

There were a couple of things which left me puzzled. In a game she encounters a devil dog with two heads. She doesn’t think “What is this “magic” two-headed dog? What is he doing here?”, no. She asks herself why she hadn’t seen that it wasn’t a normal, tamed dog. What is most, when Tristan comes to her to defend her from the dog killing it with a sword, Izzie doesn’t think “What is he doing with a sword?”, but “Why didn’t I see him bring the sword?”. I do not know, it just did not make any sense to me.

The idea of Tris & Izzie is very good, but the story kept contradicting itself repeatedly and was very inconsistent.

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