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What I Did For a Duke by Julie Anne Long
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Feb 26, 11

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bookshelves: historical, read-2011
Read from February 20 to 26, 2011 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** 3.5/5 (C+)

I got What I did for a Duke because it got quite a few good reviews. After reading it, I can understand why so many bloggers enjoyed it, but unfortunately, it didn't work as well for me ^_^; What I did for a Duke opens up with Moncrieffe catching Ian in his fiancée's bed, quite the start. Especially when Moncrieffe says that they'll share LOL. It's unfortunate the story didn't continue on such a high note. I felt that the first half of the book when Moncrieffe embarked on his scheme to seduce Genevieve, the story was really draggy and nothing much happened. There were some exchanges between Moncrieffe and Genevieve, both measuring each other and testing each other, but it was not enough to keep me interesting. One of the biggest problem for me with this book was how Genevieve pined for Harry. Harry is the man whom Genevieve is in love with and wants to marry, her dearest friend... except he tells her that he wants to marry their other best friend, Lady Millicent. Obviously, Genevieve's heart is broken and she has not interested being courted by Moncrieffe while the light seems to have disappeared from her life. I don't know, it just felt a bit melodramatic. I sympathize with Genevieve getting her heart broken, but seeing her pining for Harry... I don't know, it just didn't sit well with me. I wanted her to spring into action, go after him, do something, be more pro-active about the situation. Genevieve is a clever and strong woman and the inaction just didn't seem to fit with her character :( Worst is that she clung to her love to Harry for such a long time, even while having sex with Moncrieffe...

Another thing that bothered me was Ian Eversea. Moncrieffe lets him know that he intends to seduce and abandon Genevieve, that this would be his revenge... As an older brother, knowing that there is someone out there who's planning to ruin your sister, I would expect Ian to be attached to Genevieve's hip!! To stay around her, even if it means taking a beating or death, to keep an eye on her and protect her. Is that what happens? No!! Ian's little efforts in protecting Genevieve really bothered me. What kind of man is he? Seriously, perhaps Moncrieffe should have just shot him.

The highlight of this book to me was Moncrieffe and Genevieve getting to know each other, figuring that there was much more to each other than what could be seen. I love that Genevieve was observant and clever, that she figured it all out - Ian's offense and Moncrieffe's plan. Loved that she didn't turn her back and run LOL. As for Moncrieffe, I think he enjoyed discovering Genevieve, getting to know the real her. I also liked that once Genevieve figured out the plan, he decided to let it go... only he was too attracted to Genevieve by that point. He was a hard man, but Genevieve really seemed to be able to reach him...

So there were parts that I enjoyed, but I guess I was expecting more. I know that it really took me a while to read this book, it just seemed to drag on and on and on in the first half and only picked up when Genevieve figured out the plan. I do wonder if I would have enjoyed What I Did for a Duke more if I would have read in one or two sittings... but I guess we'll never know.
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