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True You by Janet Jackson
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Feb 20, 11

it was ok
Read in February, 2011

I was truly disappointed by this book. I mean, I love Janet and all, but I'm not really looking for self-help advice from her. There were a lot of anecdotes, but I don't feel like they were as fully developed as they could have been. Also, only about half of the book is Janet giving advice. The other half happens to be her nutritionist and a list of recipes. Again, appreciate it, but not looking for self-help advice from Janet...
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Mary Louise It said right up front that it was a self-help book as opposed to a memoir or autobiography.

message 2: by Len (new)

Len Who comments on a perfect stranger's book review? Go screw yourself Weezy Louise. You self-righteous douchebag.

Mary Louise Lennard wrote: "Who comments on a perfect stranger's book review? Go screw yourself Weezy Louise. You self-righteous douchebag."

And you've been reported. I said NOTHING rude or offensive. I was simply explaining that the book was known to be a self-help book, and not a memoir.

message 4: by Len (new)

Len "And you've been reported." Like I care. You didn't need to explicitly say anything rude or offensive. It's obvious that you were being a condescending know-it-all. Now why don't you be a good bookworm and go read something else besides my wife's reviews. And just for the hell of it, you've also been reported. :-)

Mary Louise The rules of GoodReads show that you must have good reason to report someone. I never called anyone a name or cursed at anyone. I never committed slander. So your reporting me is moot. I have done nothing wrong. I think it's unfair to give a book a bad review based on something you don't want it to be, when it's clear from the description that it's more of a self-help book. That's all. I don't have time for this. Reviews are public; are you going to attack everyone who comments? If you don't want people to comment on reviews, then maybe they shouldn't be made.

message 6: by Len (new)

Len I have no problems with anyone disagreeing with anything. What we don't need is people like you pointing out the obvious. She read the book, expected one thing, and got something entirely different. She has the right to give the book whatever rating she wants, just as you have the right to say whatever you want, just as I can tell you how ridiculous you're being.

Furthermore, your obsessions with the rules leads me to believe that you're either a child or you have a social disorder. If either is the case, I apologize for the obscenties, but you probably shouldn't be using the internet unsupervised anyway.

And if you're not a minor nor suffering from Asperger's, you should know that know-it-allism is way outdated.

message 7: by Len (new)

Len At least one of us was entertained. You, unfortunately, are more annoying than funny.

Diane For the record, I neither called this an autobiography nor a memoir. (Although there seem to be many other people on goodreads calling it that.) My complaints were I didn't want self-help advice from Janet, only half of the book was written by her, and I also wasn't looking for recipes.

Additionally, whether or not they specifically say this is supposed to be an autobiography/memoir, it has been advertised as Janet's "personal struggle", which can be interpreted by anyone as "autobiographical".

Furthermore, as a long-time Janet Jackson fan, I bought the book just because it was about Janet Jackson. I would've bought it even if they strongly advertised it as a "self-help" book. (Yes, I would still buy her book even though I don't want her self-help advice. True fan and avid reader.)

Now go pick on the billion other people calling it memoir!

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