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Fear and Trembling by Søren Kierkegaard
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Feb 07, 08

it was amazing
Read in January, 1998

Kierkegaard is an intense read, but profound. I fell in love with him when I was going through a reorganization of my faith. In this book he presents the idea of the "knight of faith" -- the one who stands alone in direct relation to God, beyond the safety of a creed or institution. He uses Abraham as the ultimate example of the knight of faith. This is theistic existentialism -- and existential angst -- at its most sublime. Although reading Kierkegaard is difficult at times, there are many moments of penetrating lucidity and stark, stunning poetry.
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Alex Szatmary I relate! Kierkegaard isn't just a philosopher, reading him was really useful when I was in tremendous doubt, and his usefulness hasn't diminished.

message 2: by Peg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Peg Catron Thanks for your comment. How has he shaped your life? I went through a reorganization of faith -- from a fundamentalist minister to an existential Christian/new age seeker. . .

Alex Szatmary I was raised evangelical, and was an avid Christian until Fall '06, when, all of a sudden, God seemed shockingly not-real, in light of the chaos of the world. I checked out a few other options in Christianity, but gave up, and went agnostic; any systematization of God was unreal to me. I read Fear and Trembling in this period of doubt, and Kierkegaard really did two great things for me:
1 He helped me distinguish my belief in God, and God's actual reality. This way, I could doubt without panicking, and begin to think for myself.
2 Kierkegaard's notion of God is that God is fundamentally paradoxical. This let me let go of a lot of my intellectual objections to God.
In December of last year, I came back around to being something of a believing Christian, but I still doubt a lot, and I'm okay with that. The important thing, for me, is to see the question of God not as something I can settle with logic, but something that has to be understood empirically.

Thanks for asking!

What do you mean by "existential Christian/new age seeker"?

message 4: by Peg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Peg Catron I still believe in a higher power. . . that seems to be something solid for me beyond the myth. I am finding a lot of validation for this view in the study of quantum physics; I think that science is now providing us with a new language to talk about and perhaps a new understanding of God. And it seems to support the essence of what Jesus envisioned. . . I don't buy the post easter myth about Jesus, but I do believe he lived at an incredibly high level of consciousness and can serve as a great model and mentor.

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