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The White Knight by Josh Lanyon
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Rating: 4 stars

I hate flashbacks! So thats why it's still not one of my favorites because you want to know what happened to him and we go back how all begun.
Also I need to shelf it under amnesia(there are not a lot books there^^;).
Sean is filming Renauls The Charioteer, like he wanted to but there is an accident on the set, where he hits his head and forgot something really important about his relationship with Dan. Dan flys in to investigate why Sean seems to be threatened and by who.

It's a Josh Lanyon book, one of the earlier ones(I like them more also I love most of his books and would recommend them anytime), so it's well written and has a certain something in the chemistry between the characters which always hold me captivated. If not for those flashbacks I would give it 5 stars.

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